Fear in Authenticity

Im in trouble, i want out, but thats not what this is about, its just when did this begin.

Well, Number one, sitting below the sun, blue sky, crystals gleaming like a beautiful lie. The story went as fast as the shot of a gun, His fist swung like a pendelum and those dark days had begun

Number two, the time i looked in the mirror and all i saw was you. Your life is just a clue, it was rancid and it left me frantic. I wouldve gone to willimantic, that wasnt a childish antic. It was closer to teenage rage, or my heart in a rusty cage that day i didnt act my age.

Number three, yo mom let me be. Your blocking my horizon, let me see. A fee of existence, the words are the pawns of your persistance. I hung that proclamation on the wall, pleading for you to visit or call. But that was all, that was it, straight up legit. I had a childish fit, outdid limp bizkit, like a little bitch trying to make a verse, Hey Fred Durst meet my mom, remember your both cursed. You would think that would quench my thirst, but past grudges dont matter, my mom comes first.

Number Four, after this one more, resedential hurt me to the core. The moment i walked through the door there was a monkey fiending on the floor. “Anthony i love you, you deserved more,” on christmas i shouldve got something better, all i got was a cardboard sweater. What im saying dear, fear in authenticity has the simplicity and a form of electricity that challenges you as it works fastidiously. Fuck what you heard big bird, that place was absurd.

Number five, that plus eight is thirteen. I was lean, light enough to slide into a new scene. Only i knew what that would mean, my veins open to the world. No pearls came out, i just hurled red toward the chamber of the dead. All i can do is think of everything that was ever said, alll the time i cried in a bed. I didnt give up, if i did Take a Minute wouldnt have been something you read. I love You