Drive to Aspire

I bet my life on the slots, and I don’t mean to name drop but if you are Dirty Harry then why do you need to call the cops?


Torturing the masses like Pol Pot, Spewing superior to you lot as my liver rots


Living on the budget but don’t mind the hole in my cot Supreme?


I think not, I’m just bending syllables to make life livable As prospects of the future become bigger, I bet on your demise with impressive figures Not the prodigal son, undisputed king of the litter


Used to be autumn now its winter, took a laxative and know I’m defecating librettos on the shitter




Had a background check looking valid, the roof is on fire but I’m to busy feasting on competition with a side of salad.


I’ve got an ace in my pocket beside my wocket; I stand parallel to the baseball bat coming for your eye socket


Perpendicular to the struggle, above average, my mother used to push around a savage in the baby carriage, ready to ravage but right now I have to focus on food on the table and keeping on the cable, don’t give a fuck if you’re able to do things now that I can’t


My present is the future, so return to your hill little Ant




We know the true story, its pitch black and we’re blindly chasing glory


It’s not ok to hear my mother cry at night, breaking nails to hang onto the Edge of the Earth


Sometimes I wish I hadn’t made it on my birth, other times I feel like the chosen one


Disturbed by the billing and the economical killing, smiling in denial of the payments stacking up in a towering pile, enough to make me suicidal


The fantasy is dead; the Reality has been read, holding on to the future by a crack


I write the fiction, while the aftermath spells the facts






I’m living with a purpose because I swear my endeavors are perpendiculars to your verses my mind is thirsty for knowledge and creative visions


I’m hiking up my ambition with a pistol to my temple, the future is so bright because the mathematics are displayed so clear and the critics are dreaming simple


Passed off as a fool, but now I use the doubt as my tool


Writing novels with a noose around my neck and one foot on the stool


Fuck what’s cool; new horizons are the contradiction because I’m writing facts while your persona is laced with fiction


Speaking simple diction, I’ve got something for the friction


Sweating with full exposure, I hear the competition had some openings before I brought them to a closure


Success was written but these months call for full composure


Corrupted the times, abstract rhymes that snort lines with haste


Spit out ill shit because they don’t like the taste


While most of the world copy and pastes, I’m charging with velocity because I don’t have time to give you a chance, the power’s going off so in the dark your stanzas dance and while you are prancing and standing where I’d like to be, As the darkness sweeps through the city, I defy poverty and pity as a trendy oddity with the ingenuity to play on your inadequacy


My future depends on me




Tears on the hillside, please don’t take me this way

I want to stay and become somebody, I want to prove you all wrong

And I can see the city at night from my bedroom window

Gashes from lashing on my legs

But I don’t want your tears

I just want you to know

That if meteors came falling from the sky, I’d still be there to love you

When the music stopped I’d be there to sing

I want you to listen to me

I just want you know, that I’m bigger then this


I hurt your child and you look down at me

But I feel like I’ve been away while you got to sit and stay

Don’t look at me, please don’t look at me that way

I’m scared of the pain and the long hard days

These black eyes and the nights when I didn’t know if I’d stay alive

My mother sleep, apologies on his bloodied fists

I don’t want your tears and I don’t need your love

I just want you to know

That when night dawned on my side I needed someone to care

I needed something to be there

Don’t you dare look at me that way

Don’t talk about me that way, don’t you dare

Because I’ve gone through the fucking shit, while you got to float away

I needed a home, while you needed your day


And I’ve fought for my life every single night

I did everything to keep breathing, I had to keep my eyes open to keep seeing

And I know that I’ve been gone while you got to sit and stay

I’ve been wrong, and that’s all you say

I need someone to love me, and need to make sense of these nightmares

This is a righteous plea, because fear has a hold on me

I’ve apologized a million times through so many rhymes, but you’ve read but one

Please don’t take me this way, I can’t take seeing the past

I don’t have time for arguments and back talk, I want something to happen

And I’ll say it one more time, I don’t need your love, I don’t need your hugs


I just want you to know

I’ve been through the night times, I’ve been through the halls

I was being hurt, but you didn’t hear my call

So don’t you dare look at me that way, don’t you dare have a word to say

This is my time, this is for me

Some nights when I’d rather flee, then have nightmares I can’t make sense of

Some nights I’d do anything to relive what I had to see


Dreams (ReRelease #1)

I got up at sunrise, looking at a lonely bed thinking about the past

Been walking the streets looking for love since I was a kid

Now since I’ve been writing a book, I’ve been craving a new look

Something to burn my world or at least give me a little spark

Had  trouble In high school, not to much to say
Now I’m living a different a way

Same clothes but In a different fashion

I’ve been moving around the place listening to some old time beats

I’ve got love and just a little passion

And now I need some action


I’ve been living with a broken heart, self medicating to mend the wounds

Now it’s time to go downtown

Down Terrace

Down the street looking for a little dove to turn my world around

The message couldn’t have ever been clearer, and I’m thinking about traveling

Make a name for myself

And If you don’t want to be by my side then I could find some pretty little help

I like you girl, the way you move and dance

Springsteen vibe but we’ve got some candles ablaze

The way you move, damn it’s got me In a bit of a daze

Call it a phase

But at least it’s got a name

I’ve been feeling the same way for to damn long, so it’s time to not write a wrong but make some new rights

Checking the next flights

Family disses me but they know where to bite

Friends aren’t what they used to be

Looks like I’m going in alone


Feeling inspired in the streets of this town

Aspiration to flip that frown and make something oh so real

Feels like I’ve got my own theme song, moving my ass to a new feel

Thinking about all those days when I was so scared and crying

I’d be lying if right now I didn’t say that I was feeling like that man In the mirror was someone that I could get used to

I want to see Europe, looking for new vibes

Life carved me up but the rest of me is ready to start