You Don’t Need This Disease (Original Poem)

Oh Love how I miss the times when you’d hold me close
Your warm hands on your cold heart
The chest of imagination is opened only by your mind
I stood in that hallway, floating away to a land that only I could see

Emotions only I could feel
Because only I can be
You don’t need this disease
Oh how I fear for my life on these cold winter nights

Oh how I remember the sweaty summer fights

Peering into the eyes of what you thought was love
But what is love?
When you fall in love, you fall in love with the person you see in the mirror
Spit on the ground as you reminisce on all the friends you made

But all the love that wasn’t found
All the lies that were told
All the times you were put on hold
For what?
The clouds are dark and the sky is split in half
But I’ll see believe
That there is a life is a life after you and me

I whisper contempt (You don’t need this disease)
Atmospheric (You don’t need this disease)

Like a rift in the night
Standing alone on the corner in the rain