You Should be Afraid

You should be afraid, of all the pain and the fear that is there to see for the sane 
All the games and raves, when you lay on the pavement 
Because all the lies and end of the lives
All the broken ties and long loud cries
Nights in my mind crumble 
Chaos inside turns into the slightest little rumble

You should be afraid, you should look farther then the horizon
Worry about the lightning 
Think about the thunder, you’d better pray there is a god 
You should read the scriptures if you speak his name 
You should be a player if you want to be in the game 
I’m rhyming i’m bumping the grime and, 
Bring me the horizon, give me some make up and some devilish lines
No keep it to the natural medicines, they said three jumped me but there could have been ten of them 
My mind, is so dangerous it towers high like a tenements
Dirty crevices and dark little denizens 
Truthful glares perpendicular to the gleaming benz 
Wash away my love and burn me for my sins 
And you shouldn’t be afraid