Christmas for a Conscience Man

I’ve gone over the side of the cliff
Happiness on Christmas, I’d drink to that but i’m underage so instead i have a spliff
Society is like that with mixed messages
But give me a whiff of christmas dinner and I’m in

I’m the type to help Santa save christmas and then make a thousand dollars off a poetic hit list
But let’s not brag, because soon society will have Santa worrying about his physical fitness
But let’s enjoy time with family and try to keep our sanity
Watch a movie, eat some food and not worry about which bill collector will sue 
Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer was never better then when they were supposed to turn off the cable
But now it’s on and i can write this little christmas fable
See christmas isn’t about corporate mechanism on a polluted city skyline 
It’s about your design through time, to create a holiday where you spend with people with love

So release dove and give the loved one you hate a hug 
Love can come from all the pain, and on this happy holiday
You have so much to gain