Ode to my Grandma



Ode to my Grandma (Round 2)


Grandma, I miss the times when you’d kiss my cheek and we’d talk

About all my plans which at the time I wrote in chalk, not permanent

But now I wish I could tell you these ideas have fermented in my head and now I’m ready to live by the lyrical words and write free verse like some shit you’ve never ever heard

Because you are a Lion God, with so much passion, and I remember when you threw your cane at those kids messing with your trash and, when you told me to never give up

And sometimes I might hiccup like a pause in the beat, but I’ll claim my throne on any seat, and never concede to defeat

I’m a parasite in a system, a pistol among sharpshooters, a crazy bastard who moonlights as a master of the words

I have my own bible, notes I took from my grandma

Words she muttered between the drag of a cigarette, knife on the wall and fist like a brick, you make the call?
You take the risk, you step to her and be slapped mostly by wisdom and pep

Down to fight even with a replaced hip

She taught me…

Life is a fatal sickness, perpendicular to strep and we all have to found something to represent before we get lost in retrospect

Taking care of an entire family to ride the waves of a tsunami, traveled the world while I watched toonami

She was a boss of all bosses, live and prosper at all costs

Never count your losses, and the only time to worry

Is if the pain you feel is more than the love you’ve received

Time is a spec compared to a giant chess bored where I used to make my move, high above the trees in your backyard grandma

We’d throw rocks off the porch

Smoke a cigarette during the drama as she would count the commas, the wisdom was unreal

Something a thirteen year old boy could love and feel

And when my dad wasn’t there, my grandma was
For that there will always be lots of love

All the live I ever received paled in the comparison of my grandma and I

And as the rest of my cousins decided to hate, my grandma taught me everything and helped me decide my fate

I can read her my book, now’s not to late

Sometimes I feel like sedating myself to crawl away from life’s pain but then I remember my grandma

He didn’t stand, she ran toward the problems facing all around her land

She is so tough I like to call her my main man, but she might sock me so I stick to best friend

My favorite person from now to the end