Da-da-da Do-Do-Do

I knew from the beginning I might die young, eighteen or twenty one

But I’m still in this bitch writing about wrongs while doing them

Fucked with the devil yesterday, danced with Hitler and fucked Ayn Rand

Ops Republicans I’m sorry for the line,

But fuck it all we can do is whine when there so much to understand these times

Others suffer while we talk shit over some pine, write rhymes and counting the dimes to go get some wine

Roach on the table, mind over across the world trying to understand why you are here

Looking at someone and never seeing how beautiful they are, when your eyes are wide open either from the diphen or a little boy behind a door hiding

I want this to be a message, but nobody gives a fuck hiding in their fucking pounds like a duck

Yeah I saw you with that on facebook and as our time expires whirling through corny punch lines

Making it through life with your shoulder, will just add another page in your medical folders

Pills that actually work hook you so later in life you’ll be popping tablets keep stressing a wife on the verge of leaving

I always knew life would be hard like this

When god comes down and its my time to die, I’ll be holding my balls like tupac with a .45

I ain’t fond of some of you Christian niggas, preach what you sow, ok niggas?

Sorry for the sudden shift with the racial epithet but right now what’s going on outside is on the bigger shit.

But this is all blubber written between tokes of some lavender

Lots of things on my mind balancing time between each breath, my eyes sharp and my genius will settle the commonwealth, at least I’ve got my hands together hopping what I heard in that dream will come true

Tell me there is success, me and a pretty you, kids who I love so true

Do you feel the rumble beneath the pavement, that’s the doubt, the enslavement