Self Titled

I walk around like I still have a bullet encased in my chest

As I looked around I began to notice I’m nothing like the rest

The conversation has started and so has my test as the man of an hour

Used verbs loosely like a slip knot but now my rhymes are stone sour

Looking for more respect, more money and more power
It’s nice to meet you too but…

I wasn’t a born sinner and neither were you

I grew up watching blues clues in private schools oblivious to the rules of the hard knock life

Somebody once told me they’d eat me up, but now I’ve got a pot belly to display my strife learning in a white paradise
But I’m on my way to having a trophy wife, smoking a pipe dumping ashes on your plight, to display my delight

I may not go to hell but the devil is going to set me on fire, but I bet I can match his flames and I already trumped his desire

Pills made me do stupid things, in search of flings playing a misguided youth  

Times we didn’t have electricity and my landlord didn’t throw us out

It’s a blessing that we are still under this roof

And it’s a blessing to be part of this conglomerate, you guys are hot like the bombs I spit and the adjectives I shout 
Now I speak my clout and the devil has me here to be sincere when my disses go through your ears 
My fears don’t coincide with your lies, hopes and fears

I used to wipe away my tears with a switchblade, now I’m getting paid channeling prophecies of a rendezvous to Dade 
Underplayed in the game, underlaid but that will change with a little fame 
Shall I stay sane, hardly

As I stumble down the stairs and my veins take speedballs worse then Chris Farley

No i spit speedballs with a side of Parsley 
Burning Ferraris high as fuck on life, stay away from drugs but I don’t rule out the hashish pipe

I go star slight in a park fight and now I’m bed shaped getting my nose shaped
To flex my muscles in front of this crowd with my mouth taped

To prove a point without saying a damn thing

Anthony Day Grandin, that has a decent ring





Christmas for a Conscience Man

I’ve gone over the side of the cliff
Happiness on Christmas, I’d drink to that but i’m underage so instead i have a spliff
Society is like that with mixed messages
But give me a whiff of christmas dinner and I’m in

I’m the type to help Santa save christmas and then make a thousand dollars off a poetic hit list
But let’s not brag, because soon society will have Santa worrying about his physical fitness
But let’s enjoy time with family and try to keep our sanity
Watch a movie, eat some food and not worry about which bill collector will sue 
Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer was never better then when they were supposed to turn off the cable
But now it’s on and i can write this little christmas fable
See christmas isn’t about corporate mechanism on a polluted city skyline 
It’s about your design through time, to create a holiday where you spend with people with love

So release dove and give the loved one you hate a hug 
Love can come from all the pain, and on this happy holiday
You have so much to gain

Rat (Poem)


In the kindest way i am your love slave

Don’t look at me that way, i’m here for you

I’m your dog, rolling around in the mud just to get dirty for you

Hurt myself just to get dirty for you

Keep myself chained in, just to get dirty for you!

What do you think this is?

This isn’t playtime, there is to much pain involved

This is weird but i kinda like it

Strapped to the ground just waiting for you

Chained to the bed just waiting for you

We aren’t in this together, we are just friends

We tend to destruct, and my words don’t leave much to pontificate

Religion had it’s reign but now i’m stretched out naked going insane

Gaunt and looking plain, put makeup on my stains to help make there feel like there is some sort of fucking gain to the way we play

To the way I get dirty for you, just waiting for you to show on up

I’ll be your dog, your rat or a boy fiending for more blood to keep him from suicide


Just Some Fun


A Breakthrough, to make you live with your descisions…to put you in position. Your one of us… Dottin’ COMS, droppin bombs on such a fragile system. The “Rounds” of a victim. VT to CT, and back. To know when our feelings react, with multicolored caps. Your sanity wouldn’t last, and to that we laugh. Oh the eyes of a deprived past… Cut the “highs” when physical systems collapsed.


Chris and I are about to bring reality to this shit, my fear is the world is reading us crooked

It felt like we were waiting for decades so we took it for the dictatorship

I spell and pronounce the prophecy, it seems like this establishment kept its commonwealth naïve and illiterate

They taught them to spew out all this happy go lucky rhetoric

(Chris) Handling, ATAXIA to the MAX. While…Structures Keep You Trapped. With your head up high, at that. Lose the diet of meds, then fast.


The macabre, I depend on it

Without it I’d be a happy invalid

Chasing Dreams that aren’t what they seem, rearrange my knuckles as I blow off steam

Add a dose of hate; let’s get down to the shit

Raise my digits quick but it’ll never be the end of it

(Chris) Evidence suggests that we stay away, from rat feins, who say they can Hear Our Pain. …And their brains can maintain, if we refrain, …from exposing their dreams of a higher place. So, wear the shoes of a holder to “constant change”. Feel hate, when we feel collective embrace.


I was a lost soul, I lead by example

Bred to be a prodigy, with new souls to trample

I’ve got phantoms on my shoulders assembled; get side tracked by backwards emotions but I stay central

I’m fuckin mental

We swerve to the fast lane and the speed of sound stutters, we are raising prodigies

Brilliant oddities

In the distance you hear thunder

In my periphery

I sense wonder, What’s their history? Where do they come from? Why should this mean shit to me?

Mix double definitions of illness, a dual diagnosed calamity, Affluent in the language of insanity

God fucked with us, and we waited patiently, Spat modern Shakespeare in a brilliant rhyming pattern

If Men come from mars, then we originate from motherfucking Saturn

And If God is real, and then may he grant me the serenity to fuck you up

Let you feel the pain of the lepers

Let you Run out of Luck

(Chris) Fuck “The We”, Feed on 3 more. They contribute to a Farm-Party Of Four. Then feed the youth the main cause of war. Take a look. Fucking open your eyes. The drugged hold our streets with positive vibes. All the time. Steelys or Red Wine. Your superiors live life. Forget mine.


Blame it on the Drugs, and the medicine?

Or the material that is made from ambition and pseudoephedrine

Write a Best seller without pills, well I’m dead then

I guess it’s cool for people to torture you half your life, domestic abuse for six years due to your own strife?

But Boy, you can be a born again Christian

My father paid his tribute, and the bullshit he will listen

I’ve got two brothers and mother and that’s my family

Chris and I are just beginning to stand tall; my father means fuck all

The Devil closed the door but I pick a good lock

I’m making six figures while getting taunted by a demon holding his Sesame street Cock?

I spew rhymes like rounds from a Glock, thinking about the days when my statistics were snug next to a blade in my tube sock

You say you feel my pain, I should be happy?

Are fucking stupid, or Just Daffy

I told you hate begets a book contract, so motherfuckers stay out of contact

I wrote a love poem to make up for what the world lacks

We hear abuse not a clap

This is Truth not rap

And I already killed cupid

I ostracized his wings, see you knew because you use his freshly cut ideology as your bling, you hypocrite romanticized normal thing  

(Chris) From the start, when sick, we sip potion. Then move on to the next forward motion. This could seem beyond my comotion. So Take A Minute and let make locomotion. …OF the word, your hopes in, a better world to loathe in, start to incline, slopin


The Misery

This Misery

Ive got time to kill, dollar bills, try to get rid of a mountain that clings to the hills
Cheap thrills when the coincidence builds, try to sustain the mind with over the counter pills
Burning buildings, boiling points, chaos
Loud voices, heated exchange, beginning to believe in these payoffs

Misery for the degenerate, more love in the pain if your going to hurt me let me feel it
Let me rise in front of ruby eyes, patronize my endeavors with diamond lies
Break my knuckles to blow off steam, I’m seeing to much red to believe in me
Long nights, bloody fights, paint a picture of the chaos
Clinched fists, death list and that corner in shame and blame city
Pure mourning, Pure misery
Ive got to many wounds to believe in your serendipity

I need a light to ignite my flame
A reason for this world to remember my name
I said I’d play the game, but never fairly
I carry myself to enlightenment with people staring
Shoot for the moon, couldnt leave the ground
I shot further when else was around, defying sound
I did it
Nothing changed, I was livid
Blank spaces, peculiar cases, Its all in my periphery
I shot for the stars but didn’t escape the misery

Lobster Meat

I’ve bent but won’t break for goodness sake, just chilling on a stake with my middle finger up covered with chocolate cake
I couldn’t see myself falling to be honest, but it’s true that during extreme violence i still got what’s good

Gun to my head and it’s not even lyrical, the gunman looking hysterical as i grabbed the gun from him to show him how to do it correctly
I’m evil, the other day i was possessed by money and now i’m just going on ahead
I didn’t shoot myself dead i brought myself alive
I know you don’t think i can thrive, that i’m just a monster

I’ve had a future on a few occasions and I’ve forgotten thoughts that are better then what you publish
I’ve become arrogant but it’s all a class act, class clown fuck around and i’ll put you like Sasha Grey, Space Bound

I’m sorry but you can’t ball at this level especially since your so settled
Changing speeds at an honest rate through modern poetry, while banging my head to metal

You have to be at least a little demented to do this, at this level? Yeah

Update: NOVEMBER 7th

Today is my mother’s 58th birthday. How time does fly, the other day i was thinking about how its almost winter and i wasn’t even finished dissing summer. It’s hopefully going to be a good day for my mom, i got a lot of her favorite football players to wish her a happy birthday. So today is a special day but thats not the only update!
I’ll be experimenting with some writing on this website now, but one last time i’m going to share some of my favorite pieces of old work. And also i have to work on tidying up the page. But hopefully basically from now on the work i put out will be of high quality. Also i’ll be publishing my book through Trafford in late January. Much more information coming out from that.
But On a different note, are there any cool writing projects or anything out there you think i should try feel free to let me know. Also feel free to always comment no matter what, you take the time to read my work so that means the world to me. It really does, everytime that star comes up i feel great