Please don’t let go of my hand, we have one dance left
Let’s show the world our moves to these beautiful grooves
I’ve always been doing this in style, and i’ve been trying my hardest to make you understand that you are music

The music to captivate the world

The music to make us all come together

Dance the night away, come close right now

And you have to keep on doing all that you do

Song of the Day 8/31/2013

I’m sorry, its the song of the day for the second time! “I’m holding onto the joy of desire” as Harry McVeigh sings in the lead single to the White Lies highly anticipated new album Big TV.
I think that more people have to hear this song and please comment below what you think, because this song is bloody brilliant. It’s really that good, its Goth Disco, Post Punk Dance, Alternative Rock Heaven.
Check it out, and it’s amazing video inspired by a Bollywood Film! WOOT