My Love

Here she comes again

Holding onto the joys of desire

Oh the fears of the diminishing regime

Hearts of lies, and the wind whistles as my dreams die
Only to think of life

The light blinds me tonight

The waves of the ocean give me a feeling of warmth
But I am undone
As I write a rhyme
To stop time and turn the world around to make you mine


When we say goodbye

It’s a mortal wound
Because my eyes have always followed you around the room
But here she comes again hushing my fears of the night
Trying to make sense of these wondrous dreams
Floating on the cusp of sin
I hope there will be a night when this love can begin

When we say goodbye

It’s a mortal wound
Because my eyes have always followed you around the room
And you are the reason my sun comes up
Darkness at the end of a tunnel
Far away from all the trouble that made me nothing but a shadow
Far away…




Here it comes again    

Delay the start,

To carry on through open doors

This must be life

There is something burning at the back of my mind

I just can’t describe

I’m holding out to find light in the sky

Fireballs in the air

As I fly
Belief in the darkness

The fear in what’s not right

Begins to open up

Trying to keep my feelings from coming undone


There is something burning at the pit of my heart

Hope is a dangerous sin

I want to fly but I don’t want to fall

I want my life to begin

I know you can’t love me anymore

I don’t know how to love



Forget the Noise

Can you Feel the Flow? The fluidity, I fear that each line has its own original identity. I used to dream of going to on a big vacation, poor so forget it, thought about horseback riding instead of the Caribbean but the closest thing I got was watching pornos with sybians. Don’t say anything, but I’m beginning to sharpen, be fearful and disheartened because my body is weak but my mind is a Spartan

Do you feel the Anger? I spoke in Tongues, First it was direct publishing, now I’m flourishing after I mugged the industry, some people question my ability after they question my history, I answer in story and in mystery, I want to show you what Glory means to me. Your dealing with a poetic virtuoso, so much rage that I spit evil, this was the moment when I didn’t feel well, this wasn’t the life that I wanted, this felt like hell.

So I dressed for war, we were urban critters that blended with the dark, no west side story, but we were sharks. Billing Issues, Funerals with discount tissues, slashed tires, murder for hire, prostitution, religious institutions, the boys communicating with their hands and the self righteous Judge presiding over the witness stand. I screamed seven letter swears because I’m a beast, ravaged my moral fiber until it was left deceased, gaunt sickly body, the world is preoccupied with who is a hottie and who is a nottie, now everyone be silent for the boy with the shottie

In The clouds, they said, “Fuck the Noise, attention is the predecessor to suspicion. Don’t Look at Us For Redemption, stare at the abyss, so close to feel the flame’s tongue kiss. Grab your paper and pen, you will need it if you want this to ever end”

My Grandma told me it was the dreams i had to chase, to drop bombs on the horizon im so eager to erase. Ten years later murder was the case.
Assimillate the vocabulary to decimate, i told her i wanted to get my cut, she said to mutilate. If this book takes over, Grandin can legislate. Never hesitate to pontificate, never humiliate just eliminate.

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Drums Next Door

I’ve been to my own gravesite in my mind
When the winds were so strong
For you and I to stay together, but don’t have any fear

Hold me closer and I’ll take us home
Before then let our minds roam

To conquer the wall in between our love and his admiration

Dedicated to all the broken hearts

And the ones waiting to break

And for god’s sake don’t peel away
When you don’t have the best of days
What’s at play is the fate of the only world that matters, yours

If you stay alive long enough to drive fast cars and pick up white girls at a Copenhagen bar

Playing drums to your favorite song

Right before your unbeknownst swan song
When the barrel of life’s gun points between your eyes
Will you cry or look at all the beauty that conquered the pain
Will you cower, because you had more love to gain

Or will my days that remain
Be smeared by self destruction

The Last Kiss

Im nothing
Wasn’t good enough
I’m to fearful to ever reach forward again
Just to hold your hand
After our love ends the bitterness begins
You hate me because i am to blame
Envious because this life for you is just a game
I would have never said those three words to you
But back when i was drowning in high tide i was clueless
Lost in sea
Because you and me were never meant to be