The sins in me
I live in the trenches but there are homes for people like us

And interest in this mischief that is an acting out plague

Do you claim the space that you own? Or is Life one big exit wound

Do you act out right?

The pig in me

I live underground but I can still hear the bombs falling on the trenches I once called home

My gaunt body knocking together to create a symphony that secures me some time away

Do you live on another world? Or are those others planets scientist speak of just man made pearls

Do you live by your word?


I’m numb

My mysticism goes as far as I can see

And I’ve gone a long way to see something that would make my heart beat again

Do you believe in god? Or is he what’s on the cover of the next magazine?

Will I burn in hell?

The Plight and The Fury (POEM)




Fingers covered in ink, mind like a contraceptive, make the music something you can step with but don’t overdue the loops, shoot hoops with Versace boots betting on military coups whilst down in the blues.
Feeling some type of way, ready to take over

The setbacks have been severe, wondering if people still care, I’ve been going hungry no food in the house and no new clothes not no new friends, sharp razors and lose ends

But here I am still full of hope, some nights it’s hard to cope with all the potential, destroy the next phenomenon and then burn all that’s sentimental, because I’m invading kindle because my words are mentally ill, went to private hospital but couldn’t pay the bill and I went to a graveyard with time to kill

Even Still, I’m not who I used to be before, ruthless as I fit the bill, ready to die, ready to kill

Not a man around who can stop me, not a plan that’s sound that would drop me. The sick part is that I’m not that bad, I whine about what I had, cry for my dad but nothing to be ashamed of

They mock me and threaten to give me a slug, but they are just bugs slightly perpendicular to the whole I dug, lots of crud and lots of bullshit, sometimes my brain is on empty but the ideas flooded just won’t fit

Sometimes I scream so the angels will carry me away

God might be great be he hasn’t answered anything that I’ve said

I’m going to tell him about himself the day I die, and I’m going to create swords of every tear that I cried

Every day without electricity and going hungry, stare down the competition because my friends love me

Talking shit like my mouth was a toilet, maybe I never knew who I was enough to even kill myself, food for thought so don’t spoil it

Mad decent on wheels but we have to constantly oil it


And this is my ambition, shaking so much that you think I had a condition

But it’s anger repeating in repetition

Been rejected to so many times, hated and disliked

To the death I’m sick, write pieces with ice picks

Before I sat where I sit, I was an distorted animal something like a bull pit

Pressured to throw in the paw and quit

But now I’m trending like a Twitter fit

Roll my eyes into the back of my head while throwing up signs with my deformed fingers
Throwing pitches and this one is a sinker, but as my product falls to dirt there are so many things I need to say  but I don’t know how

I’m in my zone but I don’t know how far I’m allowed, but don’t kill my mojo

Might not be the best but I’m banging my chest

More hyped then the rest, humbed to be alive after four attempts on my life

This is the rage, depression, love and plight

Of Antony Day Grandin

The Color Red

Submission Poems

Take a Minute

The solemn aggression and pain of lonely nights, the darkness and disputes shine upon city lights

I sway in the wind as the feeling of doom creeps in despite all the advantages of a perpetuating preconceived desires and barren roads that seem to never end

They say I’m kidding but it’s a fact, it’s a stereotype of the prejudice that’s built to react

My past influences the way I act

The messages from society shield wondrous dreams, and I’m beginning to waste away it seems, and if you don’t help me now ill fade away in the misery Day in Day out

Misery finds a home it always does, a problem evolves from me to us, and if looks could kill I’d bury your trust

I’d always had my heart in hand, I always said if the tide rose I’d stand, maybe I’m just not god’s man

As times passes so quick, in motion my life makes me sick, and you remind me of all the things that were ever said by knowing me when my face was plastered red

Controlling each impulse and feeling with empty meds, and the tribulation of being hungry and having yet to be fed no, because sometimes I feel like I’m going to just drop dead

It’s the nights I loathe and the daylight I dread, I’m wasting away in bed, the feeling is beginning to spread and I’m fading, I’m fading Day In, Day Out, Day In, Day Out

Smash the window resulting in bloody knees, disgusting fiends waiting for the itch to cease

The moments of day when I struggle to breath, delaying celebrations because I’m trying to prove to myself that I still even believe

And, I remember so clearly the days I slit my wrist, I remember so clearly all the risks I took to exist

To abort an idea and watch it wheeze, set fire to the world, hopes and bars

My mind is becoming an exhibition that transcends dimensions for tradition, just so I can have faster cars, sometimes I think there is a moon man and I’m living on mars

And no I’m not gonna shot for the stars again, fall from the sky and die breathing in air I used to rely in

Day in, Day Out, the reality never speaks it shouts, Day in, Day Out, Day In Out, but I don’t want to fade away, I don’t want to leave this world today

There is a memory so stand still, Take a Minute prior to pulling the trigger because now I’ve got a view to a kill

I was promised good things that end, and I always knew they would

I tried to conquer this world, and even as I falter I know I still could

So many perfect shapes, how do I compete? Truth is what you perceive but depending on how much you believe will raise the limits on all that you receive.

I’m looking at the quiet sky again, and I’m looking at a close up of the past on New Year’s Eve, the silence holds aggression that builds belief, like blasphemy and grace creating a new me yeah

Day creeps and night tends, I’ve got the devil inside yet I ascend, and I blend animosity like it’s a trend, nutrition for a theory fueling hypocrisy, with hate so far the eye can’t see

And it’s the times of the night that remind, that if it wasn’t for the hate I couldn’t be me, the evil entity

Have you been able to pontificate about dark days and bright nights that we’ve got, making magic out of the illusions of the people in which we are not

I can’t think straight, the pain must stop, because if I stay to off balance I’ll drop These are the days when a father is needed by his son

I need someone to pick up the pieces instead of turning around to run, I need a clearer vision of the sun, because some days I feel like a big mistake, and then others like the chosen one, these are the days when I’m reminded how I was born by the knife and will live by a gun

This teenage minacity is less innocent then a stroll on the city, or the brutality of the town without pity, revenge and repent, tragedy of the years of doves and mud, and the present terror of the past blood

Stuck in my mind, its Day in Day out, stuck in design, the fear, the terror I can’t speak much clearer

Because the chills become sincerer, its Day in Day Out, the place more lights to shine on my drought

I don’t want to drown or burn away, I want to rise above and howl what I’ve got to say, without delay I want all of hell to pay before I fade away. It’s the glimpse of hope, misery of gleams, Day In Day Out its not what it seems




Spread Your Wings

Free fall to the top just to spread my wings at the peak of the Earth

I throw my head to the roof; I plaster the image of the past with everything I’ve got

Born closest to the edge, I’d tear through gravity before letting go of this ledge

I tear through my shirt, with each and every breath

I’m blessed to be driven, to set fire to the misconception that celebrity can be given

Turn your head but don’t look back forgiving

This and that, whether they are triggers that are living or the epitome of synonyms for personal business Turned down for the gates of heaven, the fallen angels cowered to the future I stared upon collecting knives at eleven

Free fall to the top just to spread my wings at the top of the Earth

They chant my name tonight, it’s been so many years and I’m going to grab life by the throat and make things right

A sickness is spreading so let’s hold hands and prepare to fight the good fight, we will always do it for serenity, light and I’ll always love you until this world ends, way before the time frame bent and a signal had been sent

I want the clock to begin, I want to see winter freeze and hear my Honeybee sing

If the city doesn’t like it then why do they bounce around to the combination of carving scriptures and bending sounds?

I ascend to Earth, navigating my way since the day of birth

Free falling with a smile all the way to the top

Surrounded by cheap gifts and absence dressed up just to burn and rot

I can still love, I love a lot

It’s calming to know, that through chilling winters a pattern can still flow

Silent moments for cracked motion, an excuse to burn temples and force the life stream into crazed commotion

I stare into the fire, and then looked into the secret in their eyes

Nobody could hear it, but I heard the cries

I was fed the lies

I tried, but he screamed because he was to human to live like that, so now I live like this and I found out that its peace that’s bliss

To stun the world with the spread of your wings, is more important the scars on your wrist

So we free fall in art,

Questioning, does an end have a start?

The answer to all questions is to believe in a heart, and spread your wings and fly so far because you’re strong

It’s easier to show you’re right then prove that you’re wrong

I dedicate and wrote a song, to rewrite the fall and blossom before them all



Isolation, Isolation, Isolation

Oh, I wish you see all this beauty, i wish this tear painted a picture of light, I wish i knew who i am, I wish i was alright

Haunted by Self-Reservation, Curious beyond all the lies, someone go help that poor baby, i cant take listening to him cry, without love he surely will die

I grew plants in Isolation, I taught it everything it knows, confused by its transformation, its hideous beyond its wildest imagination, it regains power quicker then I

I picked skin in Isolation, to balance my sick mind. I dreamed of blue lakes and the sky, but i loathed all of mankind

If I prayed to loud they would beat me, so it was hard to remember my lines

These walls were made out of memories, so many i couldnt recall. So I began to rewrite the bible, Revelations didnt match an inevitable fal

I thought about all my friends all throughout the world, to balance my lonely thoughts

I wanted to go and see them, but if I did id surely be caught

Isolation was the uglist cell, but view wasnt really to bad. They teased me with laughter and games, to keep us so damn sad

The walls whispered of a riot, i believed on true, If I met my maker, i’d beat him until he was blue, but the chaos in isolation, came when the moon was blue

The spirits howled and screamed, as my sentence came to an end. My body was so weak that i could barely stand

I hugged the walls like my mother, i wanted to conquer the land

They hit me until i moved, but i stood where i would stand…


Trauma and Poetry
I always questioned the authenticity of the world’s philosophy, my poetics earned praise for the way I kept spitting these, so will this be my 21st century Iliad or carefully constructed animosity?

I’m dying to live, living until I die, so you wont take my life without a fight

I used to mar myself, it was lighter at night then during the day, people always asked how I was, I remained clueless as to what to say

I passed the pens, twisted reality into fantasy, got on my good foot to grab my keys

Started the ignition, I’ll keep pushing the limit until I get recognition. My flag was burnt, and as the world turned I leaned to the side, conventional art had an apparent suicide

I want to rise with my lucid glide, and smile before flexing resilience to a violent tide

Together, I’ll fly to the gray sky, but I’m to young to just…fly away

I’ll find the place where the past takes its star making role in history, forget about the trauma and its painful melody

I’m going to listen to what my heart says to me, to believe in every accomplishment, and discontinue the chapter in my psychological biography about everything in the world I hate

Keep the pace, and personify the significance of a perfect stance, kill them with kindness, so I threw my enemies a ice cream cone, extra sweet

This is when my potential and my pride meet, I realized I cant escape life so its time to evolve, so how do you like me now?

Positive over negative, I flipped the script, wrote my story backwards, non-descript words, fly through the air with fluidity like blue birds

One day I can forgive my dad for what he did to me, for now I decipher the pain, trauma and wounds into poetry, so I can show this world what it all means to me.

It’s the best therapy, and I whisper each line with crystal crisp clarity, so maybe there will be days I can go to sleep without fear in me, I’ll donate my story to charity




My ascension will provoke anxiety but I have a shrink, chaos in the horizon but I refuse to blink, refuse to think, how I came alive after each disaster, I stay safe because my dreams preach just like a pastor

They insisted on calling me MC Socrates, for the rawest flow of the philosophy, drip dropping these and spitting so harshly that the atmosphere is due for apologies. Ophthalmology, my rhymes are college bound destined to major in astrology

I say, kill the noise I’m trying to read, about these information age gladiators conversing with me, as if I would seize the opportunity, as they mistaken the nights silence for some sort of hypocrisy, but politics had no play, no diplomatic immunity today

Just News to say, bypass the outlets and fools, fill up on vegetables especially the peas, mastered any pattern that’s in between A and Z, god locked me in my chamber but I had already stolen the key. This battle is Jr. King vs. Mini Me, do you think happiness is the antonym to my strife, I’ll die for what I believe then live a fake life

Should I climax to create the calamity, or the let everyone else balance modern laws in this world’s insanity. They set a spotlight to our flaws

They wouldn’t stop at our information so they broke our jaws

Without speech there is the greatest language, strongest cause is created out of anguish

Rhyming patterns are the infrastructure in bulk

The Rebel, through devastating storms I base my life upon with the portraits and statues I sculpt

With desperation, I wonder if I missed daylight and the birds had sung

The taste of fear, on my tongue

So I left for the area where the sky was blue, deceived them enough to believe I was from the Metro area of Timbuktu

My holy grail was a picture of something inappropriate I drew

People acted like I spoke in tongues, they feared my scars, frowned as I put smoke in my lungs

I felt like I wanted to declare war on the young

Wondering if this is why the politicians need so many guns! Pleaded with a plot, I observed my life all day

I had epic conservations with big words, because I had nothing to say

The music was the same old melody and even that wouldn’t play

How can I live defeated by my own constitution, I blamed my problems on the new pollution

I wanted to grow wings, and be part of a spiritual revolution

I hate people who wear their sun glasses because they think they are so bright

Never understand censoring the violence when every day I live it

I acted tough, tried to try, each day was another reason to die

Still judged as an outcast of my family, my mind was no longer parallel to my sanity

I entertained therapists with my calamity

Spat volatile and unnecessary amounts of profanity

Depression tried to kill me, not with one assassin, but the whole fleet

When I lost, it wasn’t the defeat but the purpose; I had an army and all of its analogies at my feet

I never paused, I’d never retreat

How should I end this, put my life on repeat?

Fast forward the nonsense, and find something to keep



As I Crepitate

Why do you need actions, when you’ve got words, the business calls for messenger birds so the volume of my talent will be turned up loud to be heard.

I built a kingdom out of my emotion, empire from platinum devotion, the horizon is clear, but dont show support to the transcendent, I have a gold bracelet that hangs near the slit on my wrist, the pen in my hand is my pendent. So when i took out my enemy, i put on my mask. Sip rage from a old rusty flask, are you offended when im indecent, or when i cause promiscuous syllables to connect. They used protection for sex, but never for their neck.

Diamonds arent forever, neither is ability, god is a sheep to my new facility, Time will tell whether my book will kill me, commit the act, slit my wrist, ill sterilize the wound with my piss. I wouldnt want my name to be infected, Jr. King will probably die before im twenty, the endeavor of my suicide note will be good and plenty, kind of funny, bestseller, tear jerker like ol’ yeller. Hopefully you wont have to see, the gruesome end that may become of me. I carved constellations on my arm as a giddy sign, i was supposed to wait my learn as the hypocrite snorted up the line

My hand keeps shaking, my house is godforsaken, burning and i contemplated life as the doom is concerning. Light switched, my hand twitched, as i watched a wrestling match. Masculinity, i matched it with a mild obscenity, you say my skill is just ok then i invite you to my world, come and see. I vomit potential, shit brilliance, everybody i talk to lives in the delusional world where everyday there will be an opportunity thats new, I destroy paper and trace back the Sesame Street Reject that you blew. I had an emotional coup, regret of a drunken tattoo, i keep repeating do or die, but i cant decide what to do!

The damned rage you never heard me spew, the constant fear always grew, as i look at the very perfection of you. Im hateful, im very raw, set fire to anything positive, This is War. I picked the wrong door, but my masterpiece has the class of Roger Moore. But im a bum, nobody joined my event, because im a bum. If i could get more, id bend over, eat leftovers, do a striptease, if it would warrant change, id bake a cake a say pretty please. I could open my stomach, do a dog trick, watch a Ron Howard Flick, Im so hurt, im so sick

Ill harmonize with hell, mean Nasty, dastardly, my interpretation of william tell would never sell. I climbed so high to overcome, now to see im still a bum. Schizophrenic whispers into my ear drum, im not mentally ill its just these pills, im not a sadist, but this words will kill. Writing obscenities into poems because i lost my dignity, I harm myself almost every night…because i lost my my identity, I dug myself a grave at the Red Cross, to signify that I gave. The world play of that boy Anthony Day, began with Daddy’s Gone, then it evolved to a lovelorn plea for somebody to baby me. My mom and Dad argue, it makes me laugh, Im doing a Musical of Cannibal holucast, so ill open my mouth and you can insert the staff, I want to shoot for the moon, but im sure its to soon, ill get lost. Ill damage a house, then have to figure out how much it will cost. I burn their house, bricks to toss, go to Jail, my cellmate and I will play Who’s the Boss! I want to Finally finish my masterpiece to Crepitate, graffiti and symbols are signs of the jungle, ill stay nimble. Decimate, Destroy, Let me to prove to you that ill never find joy, ill live and die as this cold hearted bitchy Boy

Lovely Lady
I ghost wrote in solitude, between the lines of the cruel melody, to simplify all the strange sounds and the compassion that some assholes lack. You are my Lovely Lady i bought the sun and stars together, but it wasnt brighter then your smile, im in love but i held in emotions as I drowned in the river of denile.

My lovely lady, my crown jewel, my everlasting baby. When i uttered your name, my heart floated with the birds and the bees in harmony. There are foreign languages, road blocks, if there are predators, Im the fox. The past is whirlwind that decimates us so fast, and i cry, then im struck with the revelation that in you i can rely.

I held her hand, this lovely girl, i had searched high and low, now there is a future to sew, I found a pearl. A sweet reminder that there is love in the world. Ill never lose you, so hold my hand, when fear commands the end, hold my hand, as tribulation gives a demand, hold my hand. Ill hold so tight, your lovely hand in mine, to take you away would be a hell of a fight

Lovely Lady, this beautiful young lady has the strength to bring light upon the shady. I cried when i wrote this ode, to a crystal ball, the future, a blooming flower, Seconds turn into hours.


The City is a symphony, the flows in perfect symmetry

Towers over a modern commonwealth, I wander in my dreams

About instrumental lifestyle in our life stream

The Clouds applaud as birds chirp, and my ideas scream

I dreamt so far away, rain poured but I felt the light of Day

I hold on, as my fingers grace the sky

The mist and fantasy was a nurturing lie

Angst tends to my head; I only hear what was said in the past

Trees grow as the time flows fast

Shooting stars emulate a surprise, gorgeous like my Love’s eyes

I cry so hard my chest is numb, but my dreams are becoming reality

My Day will come, winds whistles, sea shells hum

We are architects of our environment, marching to a war drum

These are times of peace, so let me ease into the vibes that are meaningful to me

If I hurt you I’m sorry, if you hurt me then I forgive

Tears grace my cheek because I’m ready to live

If I’m a star, you were always the moon

The party has been on; my mind inflates to the tune of a balloon

It might pop, maybe soon?

Divided by the dark, silenced by the light

Only I know my might, and the feeling I head at the dead of the night

She set my World on Fire, and put out the flame

Damn it, I am not Afraid, I will rise again

I have the propensity, of authentic dream and wonder

Soft horizons and furious thunder

In the middle of the morning, I realized I was looking for you all night

When you believe, you have that feeling that can’t fade

Life for me is more than getting paid, laid, and customized


Tore me apart

Left me in the Cold

Withering away in frost

Day after Day, Night after Night, I recover pieces of what I lost

Day after Day, Night after Night

The Statement

We are the products of an conglomerate that fight and bicker, success is an percentage that we’re left to go figure. I did thousands of curls over the years to feel bigger, while i have disease and animosity flowing through my liver. Im dying, i want to die quicker but i cant because my future assures top shelf liquor

I found diamonds and colors to decorate these lies, nobody is listening so why should I cry. This world is bleak, ive grown tired of it but it wont let me sleep. He’s got bullets in his stomach to save and keep, while his lover whines with her small sheep. This poem is the product of a hateful boy’s sigh, a mere proclamation before the genocide, I wanted to die but god is going to make suffer through years of suicide. I swerve on and off a straight line, as the morals i once held so high, decline. They say at least you tried, as i sprinkled my carelessness with diamonds from aparthied. This the statement, do or die.

People can smoke weed and plant their seed, im intoxicated on the roadkill that they leave. Have a romantic dinner with a stipulation, or stay tipsy with low confidence on the festive nights of New Years Eve. I tried to rearrange the stars, life was sweet because i relied on candy bars, starstruck by flashy cars, aspirations to be a writer were polluted by a dream to big, that there would be a time where i could be a kid. This is a blase production, hey my name is Anthony! This is my introduction. I threw my life into a dirty hole that went on forever, grueling like a glimpse of my endeavor, arteries of actuality severed. The offspring of an eclipse, im a little bitch, uploading a picture on facebook as i shake my hips. Im not Gladys, im still the pips. This is the way it goes down, after i spit in their face there is a piano solo, followed by a clown. Ill probably be killed but you wont her a sound, because ive been praying for plagues througout the night in a black gown. The sweaty palms revealed my anxious qualms, but like any preaching zealot i read the passage like it was the Nagasaki bomb. Place my insecurities into a line from psalms, god screwed me so hard i adjusted my lip balm. But remain calm, reality is the underwear of the underling crawling beneath my wing, ive only got one more paragraph of blasphemy to sing.

I painted a thesis, co-wrote the same symphony, but this time i let my dark half take the wheel to avoid the road or a epiphany. I’d prefer a crash, then the poetic lash of a slavemasters slash. Id like to get happy memories but all i have is cash. 45 magnum pencil, im hardcore, they reposessed my life but i promise im not poor. We fled the scene I had created, the doctor gave me pills that left my mercy sedated, so we will find your god and make sure your expiration date isnt outdated, we wouldnt you to be relocated. HoneyBunny, i love you so, you will always be in my heart, transcending friend or foe. But yo, ive got no melody like All Time Low, been brought down to Deaths Valley by an Average Joe, dont tell the Board of Education, but im fastidious not slow, my ego altered by a corporations low blow. Ive guess ive got Glory to sew…


Do or Die

I teemed with Inspirations, Jr. King created the Team of Leaders. Our words are decidant in wife beaters, while the bar us set so high, these days the monsters half step while the new generation calls in the bets. The captains feel the crunch, the business is out to lunch, our craft was created straight from the roots of the milieu with enough persistance to kill you while staying calm, i leaned over to light my passion ftom the flames of an H-Bomb

The old takes from the new, thats why their verbatim sounds like something we grew. There is nothing redeeming about these youth, they dont need sauce to eat your face, and when the law persists they stay silent with style and grace. This is monoply, we role the dice just to keep going, my ma was robbed in a vicious way. Should I wear a suit and tie, to cover my scars as the ignorance starts to multiply. The misconception is when you do something wrong you die, is that why my race is haunted by Trayvons cry? Or when our dividend falls short again and again, should we riot or discuss the weather with a politician, because i see storm clouds and im struck, because there is no god, just luck

The man on the moon yelled Do or Die, but Im still to sick with skill to listen, ive been over the hill and oh lord im ill, suffering from symptoms of my philosophy, and I still vomit when surrounded by mediocrity. Sing to the Truth, Sing to a cry, because i cant take it anymore. Jr. King’s a savage, but these arent times of war. We celebrate peace, however our insecurities endorsed and advertised, like we are the undesirable beast. Its end of the lies, we can come together and fight. There isnt anything to occupy, but there is light to shine, so lets shine it bright. Its positive over negative, right?


This Misery

Ive got time to kill, dollar bills, try to get rid of a mountain that clings to the hills
Cheap thrills when the coincidence builds, try to sustain the mind with over the counter pills
Burning buildings, boiling points, chaos
Loud voices, heated exchange, beginning to believe in these payoffs

Misery for the degenerate, more love in the pain if your going to hurt me let me feel it
Let me rise in front of ruby eyes, patronize my endeavors with diamond lies
Break my knuckles to blow off steam, I’m seeing to much red to believe in me
Long nights, bloody fights, paint a picture of the chaos
Clinched fists, death list and that corner in shame and blame city
Pure mourning, Pure misery
Ive got to many wounds to believe in your serendipity

I need a light to ignite my flame
A reason for this world to remember my name
I said I’d play the game, but never fairly
I carry myself to enlightenment with people staring
Shoot for the moon, couldnt leave the ground
I shot further when else was around, defying sound
I did it
Nothing changed, I was livid
Blank spaces, peculiar cases, Its all in my periphery
I shot for the stars but didnt escape the misery

Write a comment…

Bottom of Form 1

Actions speak loud, but words can be amplified


We expected some kind of night today, rats in the alley won’t integrate

Pleasure of the night locked away, worship an epoch ignore reality

Wont serenade

Watching the night catch fire with a pair of new shades

It’s the bombs of the past that make us pontificate

Its corporate skylines and sealed doors that keep us in place

Ticking time bomb, time to start the race


I’ll tell you about rats in the alley to calculate

Placebo is the isle as sunset waits, for the world to adjust to oversized cities

Actions speak loud, but words can be amplified

I fell into the mud but at least I tired, the moon is revealing the time and I can’t breath

There are a thousand great things coming this way, but society really messed up today


Blasphemy is painted on the pictures of life, integrity is being held down by a knife

Rats in the alley won’t leave and they’re desperate

Holding onto the problem like a surrogate, process the information and we won’t chase it down

They can’t control what we say, as they turn into protesting vibrant sounds

Burning towns, wishing that the echo wasn’t around

Howling trees, a gust of wind whispering to me

The racing rats march as they flee

The highway is full and they stare like enemies

The walls are building with a propensity

They are imposters, this isn’t the world’s entity

The rats are running with divinity


The beaches are covered with regret and lost hope

Delve deep into the bright city to find treasure and elegant lights

Breakdown to cope, but the skyscrapers suggest rebuilding

The buildings prove there is no god, so we just go on believing in luck

This is a bleak existence as the city approaches a black hole

They made the gun, but we made the goal

We’d do anything to see the sun





Just to Live


I think you’ve got the big picture

I’ve got no real future

This is a house of cards and a world of whores

I lost myself before I could begin and its killing me


I’ve been trying to find my way uptown but I realized Life is a sadistic game, nothing more

I became part of a statistic, as society cleaned up the mess of the boy who went ballistic

Wrap your arms around me, this is an open relationship

And we live under the sun

And below the blue moon

But we can’t run yet

What do we live for when our lives come crumbling down

Subliminal pleasure and deafening sounds

But you’ve got the picture, I’ve got no future


When she knocked me over, I restarted my verse

She sprouted chauvinistic

So what do I say first?

I love you please so adopt my emotions and help me fight the curse

To be Alive, to Scream


I don’t want to lose myself twice so take me to the enemy so demise can end tragically

I lived my life, emphatically

Where you in the glee inside my hearse

Your lashing was the worse
I was satisfied but focused on being better than everyone else, wanting to discover the distance between you and me

Patiently waiting for this to be a joke because my life was being lived inside you.










Please don’t kill the hype because I already murdered the vibe

I’m red dead and sick of the dark, so let’s brighten up the night but don’t make it to violent

Let’s kill the whole lot and disturb the silence

Painted Red, let’s paint it red and let’s burn down the trees

Spray down the ground with blood but not guts

We keep it red dead in the center between hate and hell

Between William and Tell, between masters

I can’t even describe the smell

The floor is sticky littered to flip the lid

My rights are relevant from jealousy from a higher bid

My sky is ugly and if you see it you should run

I am the product of a sword or a gun