Words Can Be Amplified

We expected some kind of night today, rats in the alley won’t integrate

Pleasure of the night locked away, worship an epoch ignore reality

Wont serenade

Watching the night catch fire with a pair of new shades

It’s the bombs of the past that make us pontificate

Its corporate skylines and sealed doors that keep us in place

Ticking time bomb, time to start the race


I’ll tell you about rats in the alley to calculate

Placebo is the isle as sunset waits, for the world to adjust to oversized cities

Actions speak loud, but words can be amplified

I fell into the mud but at least I tired, the moon is revealing the time and I can’t breath

There are a thousand great things coming this way, but society really messed up today


Blasphemy is painted on the pictures of life, integrity is being held down by a knife

Rats in the alley won’t leave and they’re desperate

Holding onto the problem like a surrogate, process the information and we won’t chase it down

They can’t control what we say, as they turn into protesting vibrant sounds

Burning towns, wishing that the echo wasn’t around

Howling trees, a gust of wind whispering to me

The racing rats march as they flee

The highway is full and they stare like enemies

The walls are building with a propensity

They are imposters, this isn’t the world’s entity

The rats are running with divinity


The beaches are covered with regret and lost hope

Delve deep into the bright city to find treasure and elegant lights

Breakdown to cope, but the skyscrapers suggest rebuilding

The buildings prove there is no god, so we just go on believing in luck

This is a bleak existence as the city approaches a black hole

They made the gun, but we made the goal

We’d do anything to see the sun





The Misery

This Misery

Ive got time to kill, dollar bills, try to get rid of a mountain that clings to the hills
Cheap thrills when the coincidence builds, try to sustain the mind with over the counter pills
Burning buildings, boiling points, chaos
Loud voices, heated exchange, beginning to believe in these payoffs

Misery for the degenerate, more love in the pain if your going to hurt me let me feel it
Let me rise in front of ruby eyes, patronize my endeavors with diamond lies
Break my knuckles to blow off steam, I’m seeing to much red to believe in me
Long nights, bloody fights, paint a picture of the chaos
Clinched fists, death list and that corner in shame and blame city
Pure mourning, Pure misery
Ive got to many wounds to believe in your serendipity

I need a light to ignite my flame
A reason for this world to remember my name
I said I’d play the game, but never fairly
I carry myself to enlightenment with people staring
Shoot for the moon, couldnt leave the ground
I shot further when else was around, defying sound
I did it
Nothing changed, I was livid
Blank spaces, peculiar cases, Its all in my periphery
I shot for the stars but didnt escape the misery

Our Love

And with you I want to fall, beyond the horizons

            With our eyesight still in tact

And if they ever make you cry, I will whisk the dears away

Sleeping on the clouds but I’m never not with you

And when our lips lock it’s heaven

Nothing becomes between, not even the feather from the birth of space

That day when the sky seperated for you and me,

I saw you standing there

With smile, oh I love you dear

I’ve lost some friends, I had my friends when we were boys and girls

But you were the heart that pumped when mine couldn’t

Your beautiful like when the skies transcend the moon

When you turn around to me, I couldn’t ever be alone, not within heart

We can the shred of truelove, that will grow so old and love so long

            And when you first came into my life, I was not the same man the next night

            When you held me deeply, I could’ve harmonized through flight

            The syllables I sung to you, came from a touch or a kiss

And if I have to fight, I will not until the night is your victory

If I ever have to swim I’ll dive far deep

The idle psalms of sunrise, lies against my cheek

In Love, if I ever did fall any deeper, I just wouldn’t even land

I’d trade one life time to hold my hand with you

Is it true, the first day we kissed, you laughed and turned the lights off and made a wish

Is it true, that when I held in the sand, I granted your wish

If we fell through the depths of hell I would hold you dear

If night tries to keep you, I’ll make it the light day

And when you held me so close while there pattered soft drops of rain

When you rubbed away my fears and cured my little pain

Was it real?
And our first night, was all that a dream, or was it just you and me

So when the nights were burning sincere, we had no fear

We had no care, I was your prince, you were my love

So don’t ever get close from me


Sometimes I walk with you and I hold your hand, I realize, that when we die, we will always be together

When your skins pressed against mine, I swim in a lake of euphoria

When we would disagree, I couldn’t get my mind of you, and you couldn’t stop thinking me

One day when we stand at the top of the world, I’ll kiss you there and say