Update: NOVEMBER 7th

Today is my mother’s 58th birthday. How time does fly, the other day i was thinking about how its almost winter and i wasn’t even finished dissing summer. It’s hopefully going to be a good day for my mom, i got a lot of her favorite football players to wish her a happy birthday. So today is a special day but thats not the only update!
I’ll be experimenting with some writing on this website now, but one last time i’m going to share some of my favorite pieces of old work. And also i have to work on tidying up the page. But hopefully basically from now on the work i put out will be of high quality. Also i’ll be publishing my book through Trafford in late January. Much more information coming out from that.
But On a different note, are there any cool writing projects or anything out there you think i should try feel free to let me know. Also feel free to always comment no matter what, you take the time to read my work so that means the world to me. It really does, everytime that star comes up i feel great