“Yo I got, guns…

“Yo I got, guns from Italy, smoke trees, considerably
Mid-state and Green it seems, is where all my n***** be
The ghetto misery, shootouts and liquor stores
A perpendicular, angle of the clout war”

One of the greatest raps ever from Nasir Jones, better known as Escobar, Nas Escobar or the King of Rap Nasty Nas. Nas is the greatest

Song of the Day- Friday 8/16/2013

 “Road to the Riches”

By: Kool G Rap

Album: Road to the Riches

            Armed with one of the most infectious Boom Bap beats of all time and featuring one of the greatest MCs of all time, Road to the Riches is one of the tracks at the pinnacle of the Golden Age of Hip Hop. We are attacked viciously by radio stations polluting the world with music that somehow passes as hip hop. The Term Real Hip Hop is plastered within the veins of this classic and I think that if more youth listened to artists like Rakim, Kool G Rap and other Golden Age MCs they’d understand more about a genre that has been falsely represented by rappers these days. Laced with Misogyny, graphic sexual content and anthems about cars, mainstream rap has transformed into a complete mockery and quite frankly a minstrel show.

            Back in the days when Kool G Rap was rapping, Hip Hop was about what was going on in the ghettos, on the streets and in the black communities. These were days when rap wasn’t a billion dollar industry, before Eminem, Lil Wayne and even Tupac and Biggie. All of the various Subgenres of hip hop didn’t exist either, but “Road to The Riches” was the beginning for East Coast Hardcore Hip Hop, Mafioso Rap and Gangsta Rap. Featuring even battle rhymes, the entire album was a furious statement.

            The song “Road To The Riches” is a relentless lyrical assault, where Kool G Rap doesn’t exactly rap as fast as he would in the future, but his verses are compacted with a tale from the street. The song is about a hustler trying to make it with a normal life with a job, until he decides that he could make faster and easier money on the streets. He also hopes he can one day get paid for his rhymes on stage.

From the classic novelty beat to the storytelling ability that Kool G Rap has, this is Hip Hop at it’s very best. Check out the song if a fan of real hip hop, hip hop in general, the golden age or if you are just looking for a great solid gold oldie.