My Return

Oh there’s nowhere left to go
Nothing to see
Could you believe now that I could touch the sky
As tears flow down my cheeks, I sit and cry
With nothing left to me
What can I tell her now?
She is so beautiful and upset
How can I be there?
Floating in the distance
My heart is broken in two
And I don’t know what to do


Oh there’s nowhere

Nowhere to go
Nothing to see
I can’t stop, I’ve got to believe
This is the life that I wanted but how can he go
Nowhere to go

This is weakest flower blossoming
The smallest star brightening the entire sky

Oh there’s nowhere left to go
My sickly return
Limping along the corridor
The night birds Singing when the moonlight is gone
See you walking along the stars
And now as I fall as far as I can go
I just want you to know

That there is nowhere to go
And I’m stuck clinging to your soul
Oh please come back and show me the way

Halo (Poem)

The pain never ceases to inspire
Standing alone on the corner in the rain

Crying on the corner overshadowed by pain

Ideas to erase the horizon
Distant flashing lights in the pitch black
Hold my hand and maybe we can get through
Or we could sit back and I could blindly make pretty pictures of you

See my destination in the night
Floating along the shadows
Dreams stay firmly sewn into the black and white
Will your heart stay rooted to your endeavors
Or will it just lead to another fight?

It’s the nights when I didn’t know
That inspire me today
It’s the lights that I haven’t seen
That make me see this way
It’s waking up in flames with hope in the corner of your eyes
It’s holding her and knowing that she lied
It’s a wholesome grin as the apocalypse begins
Lyrics in the smoke
Nasty jokes

Fast cars
That there will be a day when the love will outweigh the hate

One day I will be among the stars that you can debate

I’ll be waiting for fate with a gun

With the clearest view of the sun




I got up at sunrise, looking at a lonely bed thinking about the past

Been walking the streets looking for love since I was a kid

Now since I’ve been writing a book, I’ve been craving a new look

Something to burn my world or at least give me a little spark


Had  trouble In high school, not to much to say

Now I’m living a different a way

Same clothes but In a different fashion

I’ve been moving around the place listening to some old time beats

I’ve got love and just a little passion

And now I need some action


I’ve been living with a broken heart, self medicating to mend the wounds

Now it’s time to go downtown

Down Terrace

Down the street looking for a little dove to turn my world around

The message couldn’t have ever been clearer, and I’m thinking about traveling

Make a name for myself

And If you don’t want to be by my side then I could find some pretty little help

I like you girl, the way you move and dance

Springsteen vibe but we’ve got some candles ablaze

The way you move, damn it’s got me In a bit of a daze

Call it a phase

But at least it’s got a name

I’ve been feeling the same way for to damn long, so it’s time to not write a wrong but make some new rights

Checking the next flights

Family disses me but they know where to bite

Friends aren’t what they used to be

Looks like I’m going in alone


Feeling inspired in the streets of this town

Aspiration to flip that frown and make something oh so real

Feels like I’ve got my own theme song, moving my ass to a new feel

Thinking about all those days when I was so scared and crying

I’d be lying if right now I didn’t say that I was feeling like that man In the mirror was someone that I could get used to

I want to see Europe, looking for new vibes

Life carved me up but the rest of me is ready to start



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Hope in my Burning Sins

I’ve been replaced my epilogue is within the sins of grace
I’ve grown so long just keep up pace
If i could have anything it would be something impure
Because i’ve been disgraced, i’m a open case
The minds of the future predict control
I gave my purity if you would give back my soul
It’s not yours to keep, it’s what you stole!
It’s my mind that will shield the vision of my death
And then act like there is hope Jesus will chose for my life to progress
If i knew he would i’d save a breath
or two
And i’d stop looking at you like i want anything then to avoid death

General Divide

Where is my Life? Where is the Light? It’s the acts of children that deride the mind

Every loss and mistake I try to retrace is perpetuated by the lack of design

I replaced all the glass when I realized hope had returned in rivalry Nothing is so precious or vulgar, as my innocence every loss and mistake, I try to retrace has brought me back to the mirror Where is the light? I want to see clearer tonight where is the Light? It’s the pressure of a lifetime that allows me to sleep I regret, all the dissidence that clouds my regrets It’s the act of violence that we refuse to realize Teenage Minacity swarmed in complicity Life hangs in the balance, and I’m searching in silence My response is in violence

The pain is far too intimate, and its act of children that helps us be careless alone

I accepted all the failures as the kings confessed destroying my kingdom and leaving me in absence It’s the silence of children that choose what is right It’s a shadow of light, a piece of plight that is passion for our failures now

God discuss your faith, we are not here for life but to erase This is a chase for the lack of sympathy The emotions that are missing from my listing, I set fire to empathy And watch my friends burn under the light Every loss and mistake is clouded by my judgment Where is the Light? It’s the loss of childhood that leaves us alone The Light? It’s the forgotten children that poise me for my disaster Can you find my Life? I am so Alone

I am set in strife, the friction is my detention

My dissension is to soon, I know I’m going to die

Where is the light? I miss the jubilant sights

It’s the acts of children that conflict our lives


Adolescence (Continued)

We call it adolescence
They call it being free
We don’t know who they are
just what we see

Feeling paradise at sixteen 

Locking lips and sweating hips
On the cusp of pleasure for eternity

Falling in love in math class

Replacing love letters with a bathroom pass

Because we never know who might be getting a piece of ass

Or who looks better then the first?
Or who will be next to look into the mirror to discover they are no longer who they thought
All the wild wonder under the thunder of your dreams

All the hate that consumes you, personified by the pimples on your face

So much regret that they try to mask the taste
Life is changing at an unbelievable pace

And when you can’t hold on you scream and cry, stomp and whine
Like rats in a neverending race, for the new Iphone
Like conscience people, growing under serenity
With life in their hands
Life in Propensity
Teenage Minacity



Taken out the ghetto blasters when what’s keeping us down is on guard

When we live under these beautiful stars, how can life be this hard?

Lying there dying in the courtyard of music and dreams

Brutal mutations through the thrust of time, wondering when they are going to die

When something is going meaningful, you see everyone with beautiful cars, wasting away In raggedy bars wondering when the dark rain will begin to disperse

We can hold our hands and find what is love


I’m not religious but sometimes I feel what’s going above

Because when I die, will become a bug, a ghost living in the abyss, or nothing…


Fortified Life

Nights that were as dark as the day, times when I had so much on my mind but had nothing to say

I’ve stood next to the truth and not seen a thing

I’ve lived a life with belief,

That I’m going to live a life that is as bright as a light


Nations prepared to kill to protect all the own

Boys and girls ready to change the world

My heart beats heavier as the most ridiculous parts of life are what I used to hold dear

And Starry nights make it easier for our climb

To make it all the way to a life as bright as a light


Tools from the box to create something great

Guitar riffs constructed to integrate sound like syllables straight from the horses mouth

And noise ringing into our headphones on a fiery night

When we were young we couldn’t have cared less about the climb

But now I shout into the darkness to fortify my timeless fight


Health those who have stained by bombs and gunfire

Bring them into a lifestyle of quiet

Everyone has something to say so let’s broadcast it, expression

Fight with our minds in a brutal recession

Sessions of love and care

Because we are nothing without one another

The last man on earth’s greatest memory was when he was with someone else

Our prize, on the top shelf (A synonym for our brains)

And planets may collide…
But we pound our chest as we start out our climb

Starry nights help the journey all the way to the peak

To fortify a timeless, and the fact that I’m going to live a life as bright as a light

And I’m going to shoot way out of sight, and be cradled by hope and not by past plight

To live a life, in the shining lights