The Light Part 2

Where is my Life? Where is the Light? It’s the acts of children that deride the mind


Every loss and mistake I try to retrace is perpetuated by the lack of design


I replaced all the glass when I realized hope had returned in rivalry Nothing is so precious or vulgar, as my innocence every loss and mistake, I try to retrace has brought me back to the mirror Where is the light? I want to see clearer tonight where is the Light? It’s the pressure of a lifetime that allows me to sleep I regret, all the dissidence that clouds my regrets It’s the act of violence that we refuse to realize Teenage Minacity swarmed in complicity Life hangs in the balance, and I’m searching in silence My response is in violence


The pain is far too intimate, and its act of children that helps us be careless alone


I accepted all the failures as the kings confessed destroying my kingdom and leaving me in absence It’s the silence of children that choose what is right It’s a shadow of light, a piece of plight that is passion for our failures now


God discuss your faith, we are not here for life but to erase This is a chase for the lack of sympathy The emotions that are missing from my listing, I set fire to empathy And watch my friends burn under the light Every loss and mistake is clouded by my judgment Where is the Light? It’s the loss of childhood that leaves us alone The Light? It’s the forgotten children that poise me for my disaster Can you find my Life? I am so Alone


I am set in strife, the friction is my detention


My dissension is to soon, I know I’m going to die


Where is the light? I miss the jubilant sights


It’s the acts of children that conflict our lives