Song of the Day- Thursday 8/15/2013


“There Goes our Love Again”

By: White Lies

From Album: Big TV


                London natives, White Lies are known for icy hot jams that bring you back to the heyday of Post Punk. Their first album, To Lose My Life, was a big hit across the globe. White Lies released their debut at a time when Post Punk and alternative rock was at its turning point. The explosion of Alternative rock since the 80s had reached its peak, and newer bands like The Killers, Muse, Coldplay and Keane were finding profound success for the last time. Fast forward to 2013 and the “Alternative” genre now primarily consists of Alternative pop and Electronica. Guitars have been put away and replaced with synth, Alternative Rock heroes like Bloc Party, Editors and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are experimenting with different sounds and everyone just sounds a little bit confused.

                Then came “There Goes Our Love Again”, which I can liken to “Just like Heaven” or “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. It’s an extremely danceable post punk lullaby with a brilliant music video, a catchy hook and great lyrics. Harry McVeigh, vocalist for White Lies, is even sporting brown hair and has on some brighter clothing. As a White Lies fan, I’m used to seeing complete black outfits and hair, dark lovelorn imagery and controlled rage. There Goes Our Love Again feels like something you’d sing and dance to drunkenly after a bitter fight with your partner.

                The music video is one of the cutest things you’ll ever see. It pays homage to a classic Bollywood thriller, sounds weird right? Wrong, the music video consists of a well-choreographed dance off featuring a tiny wonder who leads the men in routine that perfectly compliments everything the song works to achieve. I must admit after watching the video for the fiftieth time, I realized that one of my life goals will be to pull off that dance. Weird, right? Wrong!