I Hate You

What are you girl, with your soft brown skin gleaming in the moonlightI lost everything to you
And you may still have my heart
but not for long

Name your price, to allow me have everything back
Not everything i can still have
But i’d do anything to take back the first day i met you
I couldn’t have lost myself to a more shallow of a person
I hate you

This Girl

This girl,
Still on my mindMy heart was to heavy with you inside
But now it’s to damn light and i feel like i could glide
Please baby hold me down again

This girl,
Lost in my late night nostalgia
Reviewing old messages of hope
Her skin against mine would make me glow 
I feel just like a kid he just won’t let it go
Because life is to slow without you in it

I’ll fight and never feel complete
I just can’t let it go
This girl is so beautiful within her flow
Life is a puzzle, and i just can’t seem to figure it out

Death of Love


Did you remember the first time we held hands

Sliding across the couch not sure what to think or what to know

Where we were didn’t matter, we didn’t know where we’d go

We’d count to ten to open our eyes

Close them for the rest of the night

It was like finding god, a lovelorn soul finding their way

Things never changed like that before

Missing each other on a frosty night singing songs into the phone

Crying yourself to sleep now that you’re alone

But the death of love is nothing to be scared of, it’s just a clock ticking on

Your departure haunts my very sense of safety

Because I remember when we’d go to the river that was south of my land

Writing down everything you said, while the voice in my head reminds me that we moved on

I look at the screen expecting your call

I think to pick you up in case you would fall

But as time goes on

Time goes on and our love seperates as the seconds pass

I remember your skin so soft, but I knew that we couldn’t run past the horizon

And the death of love isn’t something to be scared, because it’s a fire blowing out

Acts of Children

I’m damaged tonight

This damage does hurt

I entertain the days

When hate had grace like passion but there are failures

And Where is my life, or the light?

It’s the lost love of children that define my plight


I’m sick of this shit

I’m falling further and further away from my love

I try to talk to her, but she pushes me away

I confess what I need to hear

Let me in don’t close the windows down

Where is my sight, that defines my life

It’s the trauma of children that’s persists in my life


She doesn’t love me, nor does she want to be with me

Those words stick to my fat cells

The facial expression tells all

The scary moment before I fall, my hearts stops in motion

I write these words with my hands numb

I open my mouth, and insert a gun

Where is the fight, that defined my life?
It’s the doom and the fear, that violate my rights


Where are you now, are you with someone else

Is this the end, is there no more

I’m poised yet so lively made up of everywhere

I sleep to forget the regret that’s winning now

I don’t understand your dislike, but there is one last fight

In my bones

I hate the grace of passion because passion leads to failure now

But where is the light, that lights up my life

Where is the fight, the defined the night

Where is the reason, we can make it right

It’s the acts of children that define my life

And it’s the lost love of children that define my plight