Traumy and Poetry (3rd Release)

Trauma and Poetry
I always questioned the authenticity of the world’s philosophy, my poetics earned praise for the way I kept spitting these, so will this be my 21st century Iliad or carefully constructed animosity?

I’m dying to live, living until I die, so you wont take my life without a fight

I used to mar myself, it was lighter at night then during the day, people always asked how I was, I remained clueless as to what to say

I passed the pens, twisted reality into fantasy, got on my good foot to grab my keys

Started the ignition, I’ll keep pushing the limit until I get recognition. My flag was burnt, and as the world turned I leaned to the side, conventional art had an apparent suicide

I want to rise with my lucid glide, and smile before flexing resilience to a violent tide

Together, I’ll fly to the gray sky, but I’m to young to just…fly away

I’ll find the place where the past takes its star making role in history, forget about the trauma and its painful melody

I’m going to listen to what my heart says to me, to believe in every accomplishment, and discontinue the chapter in my psychological biography about everything in the world I hate

Keep the pace, and personify the significance of a perfect stance, kill them with kindness, so I threw my enemies a ice cream cone, extra sweet

This is when my potential and my pride meet, I realized I cant escape life so its time to evolve, so how do you like me now?

Positive over negative, I flipped the script, wrote my story backwards, non-descript words, fly through the air with fluidity like blue birds

One day I can forgive my dad for what he did to me, for now I decipher the pain, trauma and wounds into poetry, so I can show this world what it all means to me.

It’s the best therapy, and I whisper each line with crystal crisp clarity, so maybe there will be days I can go to sleep without fear in me, I’ll donate my story to charity


Spread Your Wings (At the Peak of the Earth) 2nd Release


Spread Your Wings

Free fall to the top just to spread my wings at the peak of the Earth

I throw my head to the roof; I plaster the image of the past with everything I’ve got

Born closest to the edge, I’d tear through gravity before letting go of this ledge

I tear through my shirt, with each and every breath

I’m blessed to be driven, to set fire to the misconception that celebrity can be given

Turn your head but don’t look back forgiving

This and that, whether they are triggers that are living or the epitome of synonyms for personal business Turned down for the gates of heaven, the fallen angels cowered to the future I stared upon collecting knives at eleven

Free fall to the top just to spread my wings at the top of the Earth

They chant my name tonight, it’s been so many years and I’m going to grab life by the throat and make things right

A sickness is spreading so let’s hold hands and prepare to fight the good fight, we will always do it for serenity, light and I’ll always love you until this world ends, way before the time frame bent and a signal had been sent

I want the clock to begin, I want to see winter freeze and hear my Honeybee sing

If the city doesn’t like it then why do they bounce around to the combination of carving scriptures and bending sounds?

I ascend to Earth, navigating my way since the day of birth

Free falling with a smile all the way to the top

Surrounded by cheap gifts and absence dressed up just to burn and rot

I can still love, I love a lot

It’s calming to know, that through chilling winters a pattern can still flow

Silent moments for cracked motion, an excuse to burn temples and force the life stream into crazed commotion

I stare into the fire, and then looked into the secret in their eyes

Nobody could hear it, but I heard the cries

I was fed the lies

I tried, but he screamed because he was to human to live like that, so now I live like this and I found out that its peace that’s bliss

To stun the world with the spread of your wings, is more important the scars on your wrist

So we free fall in art,

Questioning, does an end have a start?

The answer to all questions is to believe in a heart, and spread your wings and fly so far because you’re strong

It’s easier to show you’re right then prove that you’re wrong

I dedicate and wrote a song, to rewrite the fall and blossom before them all


Prepare Yourself For the Production Movement!

Strawberry Grandin will hopefully see two releases in the next six months. Its a big goal to look forward to in my new born career. Thanks Guys!

The Power of the Ghetto (We Will Be Seen & Heard)

Your life is fantasy so waive your rights
I’m infiltrating systems like a parasite, done seen people get themselves slashed over some dumb fights and long nights, it’s good times in the ghetto like dynamite

I’m screaming all types of stuff in Swahili, think you get your way getting all touchy feely, gone way to far to back out since you disrespected the family

Gonna slay some hogs, train some of the most vicious dogs

We’ve got dope in one hand and scares on our wrist

Spoken words but these rhymes can’t be heard because I’m getting so pissed, use weapons as words so I traded in my fists but now it’s crunch time so it’s less doing more dying and I can see myself bleeding out now and my grandma crying

Don’t know what the war stares for, because when you’re treated like animals it’s hard to be cared for. My tears, well they were symphonies dedicated to you

Ain’t got time for no sentimental shit that doesn’t stay true, somewhere located in between the Green like blue, I was only planning on taking you out but I’ve got time for two, it’s time to yell because I was raised in hell

Got white boys talking Ebonics on the new cell, they feel their inner tenement

Got fucking punched in the mouth, I think I taste cinnamon

Turns lemons into Kool-Aid, corporate mechanism and don’t worried you’ll get paid

Life’s a game and she said that sucks for you

Negroes with broken fingers throwing up signs from Timbuktu

This is my time and if I don’t destroy this shit before one I’m going to count until two

Learn about the ghetto not from the school of hard knocks but the future of electives, change to a different perspective

An old fiend or a dumpster with a stillborn baby, half dead dogs and some skunked out ladies

Cat’s been run over, whooper junior that has the rabies

We’ve got to fight the power, with a few good words because the absurdity is beyond comprehension on a nickel bag of dissension but I’m sorry I can’ t bet my life on Christ’s pension

Finding tension in my families lesser intentions, and looking at brighter days in my funeral home lynching


I want to bleed them dry, I’ll Never die, ill immortalize my name, Although I’d take a very nice pen over nice cars and fame, Go!


I’m gonna dance as your pendulum swings, I’m gonna grace the sky as you start thinking about when to begin, No! I want to end when they start spitting benign words, I want to roll my dice and never die, and I want to take your pitiful ego and bleed it dry




I hear them laughing as I wake up in hell, but I’m a chemical that doesn’t mix well, I’m perpendicular to sick, parallel to whatever is left, I want to go iLL and stand still, I never took my eyes away when I wasn’t the predator but the kill


Now I dance to an ominous tune, I’m the king of the hill, independent of the population’s unrealistic lust of the dollar bill, I repudiate therapy and request for the slub to twist aside, I smile as the painful episodes subside, this is the season and I’m ready for war, but I have to stay alive as my mind contemplates treason, I continually attempt to outsmart reason




I told you I’m a chemical that doesn’t mix, above adolescence so please save your tricks, you cant insure this type of fire, you can’t stare at the starlight as the game switches lanes. These rules are insane, but my grandma said beat them up, Plain




Yo, you don’t know my past so don’t judge my present pain, you can’t predict my iLL tendencies, you could pick the day when I’ve fired my restraint, and I’ve earned the right to reign upon what is left, I’m Ambidextrous, so I’ll always have the upper hand, I’m a poor excuse of a man but I have the most desirable girl in the land, YES!




Every time I publish a poem I spit in the trauma that won’t leave me alone yeah, because you aren’t talking to a typical body laced with perfection, this is the shit coming from the poster boy of something killer that embraces his own rejection, I’m just iLL far from an infection. I rock my head to Indie pop, my wordplay transcends a common flow, call it Poetic Diddy Bop




Yeah, I’m Going to Do it, make it look pretty in every way, I want to be her city everyday


Yeah, I’m going to Do it, stand by everything I ever did say, I want to be with my Dad everyday




Motherfuck this god damn Cabaret, I’m gonna glorify my sickness and Identity. Don’t step on my amendment, constantly, this is way too dramatic to be a play, but don’t distort the arrangement or skip the foreplay, you’ll have a youthful Killswitch Engagement, so watch what you Say


Stay and mix my emotion, I think about disses and chaos, as my cat pisses and licks his missing balls, just like I wrote this piece and duty calls, my grandma told me, beat them up plain


Touch the sky strong, and make my spherical heart oblong, I’ll turn my suffering into a song, a golden oldie instead of trying to keep it where it belongs. I wrote survivor art and a renaissance, I’m far beyond living for what’s right and wrong…


I’m going to do it for my grandma so every time she wakes up, she can see her grandson is keeping it tough


I’m Going to do it for my grandma so every time she wakes up, she can see her grandson is keeping it tough


Hit It Yeah! I wish life was fair, but I have to enjoy the time and not make it so rough, I’m gonna hold her hand so when she wakes up, I can remind her that I stayed tough…


, Isolation

Oh, I wish you see all this beauty, i wish this tear painted a picture of light, I wish i knew who i am, I wish i was alright

Haunted by Self-Reservation, Curious beyond all the lies, someone go help that poor baby, i cant take listening to him cry, without love he surely will die

I grew plants in Isolation, I taught it everything it knows, confused by its transformation, its hideous beyond its wildest imagination, it regains power quicker then I

I picked skin in Isolation, to balance my fucked up mind. I dreamed of blue lakes and the sky, but i loathed all of mankind

If I prayed to loud they would beat me, so it was hard to remember my lines

These walls were made out of memories, so many i couldnt recall. So I began to rewrite the bible, Revelations didnt match an inevitable fal

I thought about all my friends all throughout the world, to balance my lonely thoughts

I wanted to go and see them, but if I did id surely be caught

Isolation was the uglist cell, but view wasnt really to bad. They teased me with laughter and games, to keep us so fucking sad

The walls whispered of a riot, i believed on true, If I met my maker, i’d beat him until he was blue, but the chaos in isolation, came when the moon was blue

The spirits howled and screamed, as my sentence came to an end. My body was so weak that i could barely stand

I hugged the walls like my mother, i wanted to conquer the land

They hit me until i moved, but i stood where i would stand…




Have you Heard this before, in your aural periphery, I downtuned my emotions to make them muggy on a beautiful day

My friend’s body was left swinging, we were taught spirituality as we drowned in herbal tea, I questioned my dignity day by day, I wrote that boy’s eulogy, but only my pen had something to say



He was a good kid, i question why the best tend to spill their blood

We were in a state of desperation, be we have to agree with their Law





The Hallways smelled like the present, the future was what they made us resent

Relentless Fire, but he burst his flesh because he wanted a kiss


I want to hear some music that means something to me

Far from an urban hymms, Im not a fan of melodies, jingles or Epiphanies

I escaped isolation, but this was another time

I do myself a diservice with suede rhymes positive flow laced with wind chimes

I like simple things

Im not a Man of my word

We’ve seen to much to go along with drama and beef

The children dont understand its KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL…

We forgot the ways our mothers raised us

We forgot the days, when there was difference between right and wrong

Its just been to long…

I felt like Layne Steeley was singing to me as i slept, I  felt like I was losing what they taught me, the heart i wish i could’ve kept

Drugs took my friends away, Poison grabbed my closest friends

Sobriety will save me from my end

I was chained, but i have love to send, but when i look around i still hate all this shit

Everything i see, you have to respect my pain, maybe believe, what this place is doing to me

Im going to stand when im told to sit!

Why is it weak to cry for my friends floating in the sky

I cry everyday reliving the day they died

I cant think of them, I Cry when i think of where i had to begin



Nothing to Lose (Re-Release)

November 23, 2012 at 3:10am


I need to find of meaning of my own 

Because the ghost of the past keeps roaming through these halls

Its the chill that runs through my body when yu call, and its the words that I remember when you speak

Its the souveniers from the destruction i chose to keep

The layers of stone that I dig, not deep enough

The barrier between between you and I had been so tough

Worrying about the label, striking late night reminder

I used to cry heavy tears because I thought i’d never find her

Lovelorn and torn, confused days going from the chosen one to wishing i was never born

I would have sworn the wind was blowing this way, I was wrong and left to worship the ashes of yesterday

I used to smile and strip down my fears, they were displayed naed for a person who I thought truly did care

I would always battle your demons with you dear, but I cant replace your lovers from the past so through throw me to the side

If the words were sewn together then I know the string lied

If the world was to collapse, then at least I tried

Clear Skies, and I wish i could be everything they are

I wouldnt be me, but i’d be closer to you

Not forced to look from so far

The solemn aggression of the night as I wish upon a star

I want to scream just to petrify the pendelum, burn the blasphemy to perpetuate the other side of the discusion

I can emphasize your touch

I thought the days we watched each other were sincere

I was met on those empty nights with the moons stare 

Things change, but that doesnt make it fair

There was a drumroll

My heart raced with the pace of the shadows

I rise in the darkness still to cast a doubt

I’m the main character of my story, but i never wrote what it is about

And as I sit and wonder what happened to you and me I bleed thinking of you and him

I destroy, construct and burn to begin

My scriptures laced with sin, holding for dear life waiting for it to actually begin

I need to lean on you

I need to understand whats true and not confuse times where i only have little to gain and nothing to lose, no in between