You Don’t Need This Disease (Original Poem)

Oh Love how I miss the times when you’d hold me close
Your warm hands on your cold heart
The chest of imagination is opened only by your mind
I stood in that hallway, floating away to a land that only I could see

Emotions only I could feel
Because only I can be
You don’t need this disease
Oh how I fear for my life on these cold winter nights

Oh how I remember the sweaty summer fights

Peering into the eyes of what you thought was love
But what is love?
When you fall in love, you fall in love with the person you see in the mirror
Spit on the ground as you reminisce on all the friends you made

But all the love that wasn’t found
All the lies that were told
All the times you were put on hold
For what?
The clouds are dark and the sky is split in half
But I’ll see believe
That there is a life is a life after you and me

I whisper contempt (You don’t need this disease)
Atmospheric (You don’t need this disease)

Like a rift in the night
Standing alone on the corner in the rain


Money Down the Street

You thought you knew back in the day
When I was a young man and lot’s more was at play

I didn’t know  what to say, who to trust

Turns out half my friends happened to be a bust
I curse and cuss, a toilet made of gold is a must

Smoking dust, love
Who am I kidding?
The product of the George W Bush era
I went to sleep with an idea, woke up with something much clearer 

I’ll Take it From Here (2)

I’ll Take it From Here

February 17, 2014 at 8:51pm


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Can you Feel the Flow? The fluidity, I fear that each line has its own original identity. I used to dream of going to on a big vacation, poor so forget it, thought about horseback riding  instead of the Caribbean but the closest thing I got was watching pornos with sybians. Don’t say anything, but I’m beginning to sharpen, be fearful and disheartened because my body is weak but my mind is a Spartan


Do you feel the Anger? I spoke in Tongues, First it was direct publishing, now I’m flourishing after I mugged the industry, some people question my ability after they question my history, I answer in story and in mystery, I want to show you what Glory means to me. Your dealing with a poetic virtuoso, so much rage that I spit evil, this was the moment when I didn’t feel well, this wasn’t the life that I wanted, this felt like hell.


So I dressed for war, we were urban critters that blended with the dark, no west side story, but we were sharks. Billing Issues, Funerals with discount tissues, slashed tires, murder for hire, prostitution, religious institutions, the boys communicating with their hands and the self righteous Judge presiding over the witness stand. I screamed seven letter swears because I’m a beast, ravaged my moral fiber until it was left deceased, gaunt sickly body, the world is preoccupied with who is a hottie and who is a nottie, now everyone be silent for the boy with the shottie  


 In The clouds, they said, “Fuck the Noise, attention is the predecessor to suspicion. Don’t Look at Us For Redemption, stare at the abyss, so close to feel the flame’s tongue kiss. Grab your paper and pen, you will need it if you want this to ever end”


My Grandma told me it was the dreams i had to chase, to drop bombs on the horizon im so eager to erase. Ten years later murder was the case.

Assimillate the vocabulary to decimate, i told her i wanted to get my cut, she said to mutilate. If this book takes over,  Grandin can legislate. Never hesitate to pontificate, never humiliate just eliminate.

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Hold her Hand

Im nothing next to his diamonds
Wasn’t good enough
I’m to fearful to ever reach forward again
Just to hold your hand
After our love ends the bitterness begins
You hate me because i am to blame
I envy because this life for you is just a game
I would have never said those three words to you
But back when i was drowning in high tide i was clueless
Lost in sea
Because you and me were never meant to be

Hope in my Burning Sins

I’ve been replaced my epilogue is within the sins of grace
I’ve grown so long just keep up pace
If i could have anything it would be something impure
Because i’ve been disgraced, i’m a open case
The minds of the future predict control
I gave my purity if you would give back my soul
It’s not yours to keep, it’s what you stole!
It’s my mind that will shield the vision of my death
And then act like there is hope Jesus will chose for my life to progress
If i knew he would i’d save a breath
or two
And i’d stop looking at you like i want anything then to avoid death

Don’t Say Those Words (Poem)

Oh I’d rather die in the cold Russian winter, then miss a hot night of a love with you
The cigarette stream makes it harder to see you in my memories

The times when I would shut down my thoughts and focus only on you, memory and make believe
It sure feels like you are all I need

The long nights make it difficult to bare

When the new horizon comes and then you run around sandy beaches without a care
If there is another man, don’t mind…I might stare
Because those three words I used to know, have become my plague

While I drowned in hell’s water, all I could remember was you


Life Will Go on Without Her

I need your love to find me
I’ve been searching through books to try and find some truth
to how I used to see you

The way you twirled around
Could I stay by your side and guarantee our safety

I wonder if I died tonight If I’d think that I made the right choice
Or if I’d crumble underneath the sound of your voice
The smell of your neck warms me with a tear in my eye

All the hope in my heart escapes as I remember hometown sins

But if you took my hand tonight maybe god would hear me

This is the first time I’ve ever been at your door, but willyou let me in

I need your love to find me
As I back into the wall there is a fear of flight
I cry as they reject me
I stand as they applaud
If I could change all the things that happened to me in the past,
I’d forgive my friendly sins because they are here to stay

I want to live till a day where there is more at play
I need your love and I need it tonight


I burn trash from the sky and soak loneliness in dye

Daydreaming about places neon in shine
I’ve loved the fear in approaching you
I love the conclusion in all your signs


I need you to love me tonight, is that something you can do?
I’d stop time for you and only you


I wish i could see you in my reflection, or maybe even in sight

Maybe my desires, are ones that are worth a fight

But i count on love to hold me up

When the truth just has to be enough

I have a feeling that if you took my hand maybe we could go flying

Flying high into the night

Brings a tear to a young man’s eye

That what i want will never be right


My Love

Here she comes again

Holding onto the joys of desire
She just looks at me but I love her

Oh the fears of the diminishing regime

Hearts of lies, and the wind whistles as my dreams die
Only to think of life

The light blinds me tonight

The waves of the ocean give me a feeling of warmth
But I am undone
As I write a rhyme
To stop time and turn the world around to make you mine


When we say goodbye

It’s a mortal wound
Because my eyes have always followed you around the room
But here she comes again hushing my fears of the night
Trying to make sense of these wondrous dreams
Floating on the cusp of sin
I hope there will be a night when this love can begin

When we say goodbye

It’s a mortal wound
Because my eyes have always followed you around the room
And you are the reason my sun comes up
Darkness at the end of a tunnel
Far away from all the trouble that made me nothing but a shadow
Far away…