Warmonger in Therapy: Life is Free Verse

I’m getting far more tired of waiting around as each day goes, so i decided to publish a bunch of stuff on Warmonger. Right now, i have two books prepared to be published. Take a Minute is a book that’s crazy as hell, a true gangster saga. It’s about the progression of crime in the 21st century, the affects of trauma and abuse on a child growing up to a man and the Russian Mafia. (I must admit, i hope i can keep my fingers after publishing this damn book.) Draco Ragonov is a brilliant character, a smart, charismatic young man ready to take over the world that has constantly rejected him. His family is full of cold blooded murderers, and as he becomes one the graphic transformation from a young and innocent student to a mob lord is played out on paper.

The second book is The City Breaks It’s Promise, a novella about a young man and his sister. Set within the beginning of the crack cocaine epidemic, a boy raises his sister on the streets of South Bronx and protects her throughout their random stints in foster care. In foster care they are raped and tortured. Spiro Tobick and his sister are two lost souls, and Spiro is cynical and doubts there is any good in life.

He takes a job collecting debts and beating people, and he finds himself beating any man who touches his sister. Spiro spirals out of control and his sister runs off. The book is about his quest to find her and also by coincidence finds himself.

Both books are good, Take a Minute being a standout. Now i’ve been struggling to do anything with these books. I was very ignorant and tried to contact large companies who wiped their ass with my manuscript that i promptly mailed to them. But they will regret that shit stain on the first page. They will regret on the bodily functions, because these books are going to make a decent impact.

So i partnered with Trafford and Createspace, we are doing this. The third book is in progress and will be more of a bravado novel like Take a Minute. I honestly think that even though right now i don’t have all the answers in the back pocket of my trousers, i think deep down i have the answer to the various “Questions” that are plaguing the crime fiction genre. I think i bring a fresh perspective.

Without you guys i have nothing, so i will try my hardest to keep you occupied and entertained. Thank you so much for sticking around with me, much love!! ❤