Old People of the Future!

I always visit my grandmother every month, sadly I can’t see her more because she lives so far away. She used to live in a very nice, well kept little community, but wow was it expensive. We basically had no chance of long term residence for my grandmother there. So we had to sacrifice and she is in a home which she is starting to really enjoy.

One thing is that my grandmother, is the source of my inspiration. I almost cry when i think about her, because of all the amazing things she did. I was a pampered, well taken care of boy and it was mostly due to my mother and my grandmother. She had lots of money making it possible, and she was always willing to go the extra mile for someone in the family. Now that my grandma’s isn’t doing so well, there is no family.

However i chose not to drown in the sorrow of a past, even though i often find that the vivid memories are more difficult to shake then others. As a kid i went through a lot, mostly rooted in anxiety and depression. Even to this day i still feel the same, but it wasn’t like that as a very young kid.

My grandma and I would go and make fun of people at the grocery store, she’d call people fat, get into fistfights over cigarettes, use the “n” word more then Chief Keef and she’d throw you out the house in a second. We were extremely close but i got thrown out twice for bad jokes. My favorite memory is when we fist watched Goodfellas, the first scene was so radical i couldn’t believe it!

The worst memory, was saying goodbye to my grandmother before the dementia ate away at her brain. Even without most of the contents of her brain functioning correctly, my grandma is still the same woman. She’d beat the hell out of you, she’d diss you and call you names you never heard on.

This made me think, what will old people be like in the future? Will they be decked out on the couch in high waist skinny jeans and gauges, playing some Nintendo game. Will an 88 year old woman’s biggest concern be…lose Twitter? It’s a morbid thought, how this world works. But think about the new generations, things are changing so quickly we can’t even keep up. The assembly lines for phones is slower then the rapid growth of humanity. I’m just curious, will they have Tablets at the retirement home libraby?