“What have i be…

“What have i become my sweetest friend, everyone i now goes away in the end. And You could have it all, my empire of dirt but i will let you down. I will make you hurt”

Nine Inch Nails

Not much else to Say! Brings a tear to my eye every time


I’m trying to captivate you

Yeah time is relative so I don’t think you understand that I can’t stand next to another man

Long lost love and living losing much more everyday


I try to believe in you

But god damn I’m just your biggest fan longing for you when I can

And I’m scratching so hard right now


Can you see my little eyes?

Did you hear me, can you see my little eyes staring at you as the time defies and in the forest the wolves scream and cry, listen to me now so you can hear me die


I’m not a part of you, I’m not your friend

I’m just your little slave, listening to your odds and ends

You shit on me, when? That Depends

Whenever it’s convenient for you, whenever you want

All you do is flaunt

But when I’m dead and gone

You’ll become gaunt

I’ll be the setting sun and the moon will haunt

I think it’s bad now, wait until it really begins

Wait until the night whispers…

…And the noise descends


I’m not something odd, don’t believe in your god and just losing my fucking mind listening to you cry and whine hearing the same god damn lines, you are shit and when I hear your voice in your little fits. I’ll light you on fire and put you out with spit. I’m not no fucking motherfucker, you heard me twice and you’ll hear me again, you treated me so bad and we aren’t next of kin

I might just burn in sin but at least I know I’d leave this world with one less loose end