Song of the Day- Wednesday 8/21/2013

“Charlie Brown”

By: Coldplay

From Mylo Xyloto


            Mylo Xyloto was probably the worst Coldplay album, but it was still brilliant. Featuring just some excellent alternative music, I don’t call it alternative rock because it dabbles in pop and I have to say that I absolutely hate the track with Rihanna. “Every TearDrop is a Waterfall” was my jam when it first came out, I can remember my mom and I dancing in the car with that song at full volume…wait who the hell was driving?

            No but Mylo Xyloto definitely had it’s highlights, and the reason Charlie Brown is the Song of the Day is because it’s just a beautiful song that makes you smile. It’s one of those songs to play when you are so depressed that you can’t stand up, because I promise you this you’ll be dancing with your hands in the air. This song makes you feel like you want to beat the negativity to death and it will definitely go down as one of Coldplay’s best.

            I absolutely love this song and in the rare chance that you haven’t heard this song and are a fan of alternative rock, alternative music or pop, do yourself a favor and listen to this song. I picked this song because it is the greatest yet most obscure Coldplay gem. Some may disagree but I think that among the many amazing Coldplay songs this doesn’t get enough attention.