I Watch as The Roses Die


The sky separates with a message I don’t want to hear

As the world ends around me, I kneel down finally conceding defeat
Scribbles itched muscle deep into my arms, burned straight through the skin

Warning signs of the false messiah on the rise

And I can’t keep it together until the wait
I have to stay strong best I can, I have to learn to believe

There were only moments available
For me to look deep into my soul
A lonely adolescent with the weight of the world on his chest

Can you tell me it’s ok?
Or will you retreat as a tidal wave reigns down from up above the Universe
Holy Water seeping through the Earth healing our regime and preparing for the next


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Taken out the ghetto blasters when what’s keeping us down is on guard

When we live under these beautiful stars, how can life be this hard?

Lying there dying in the courtyard of music and dreams

Brutal mutations through the thrust of time, wondering when they are going to die

When something is going meaningful, you see everyone with beautiful cars, wasting away In raggedy bars wondering when the dark rain will begin to disperse

We can hold our hands and find what is love


I’m not religious but sometimes I feel what’s going above

Because when I die, will become a bug, a ghost living in the abyss, or nothing…