Pen on Paper



I don’t understand why they can’t make this chain gleam, why can’t I keep the walls clean?

When I slaughtered the competition blood splattered everywhere

I have visitors coming by but I don’t care, the mess is a sign of my ascension

My reputation, isn’t one that’s to nice

I reject Christ, I tried to off myself twice and was never a fan of Obie Trice
Thoughts were itching viciously and they thought I had lice

Used to brainstorm as a young child, teased almost to death for my belief in thought

Killed a few rhymes in my times but haven’t been caught

I may not be the man that you sought but I’m a problem

My era has been delayed massively, as]p

I wait dissing close friends and family passively

I spat illness nastily, throw up paragraphs with the propensity to add words to the sky

Growing up my household was do or die, I wrote the yesterday so what do you think?

Now I’ve got a couple dollars to spend and a good shrink

A good reason to continue to blink, each day I’m evolving into something new as I think

There is a pause between each inquisition, As the fair weather turn cloudy and change their position

How do I make the decision to bring home a win?

Believe me I’m a cool cat, but try to double team the best and where’s the party at?

Knock you cold, and wouldn’t even drop my party hat or my night cap!

Not feeling scared these days, just trying to figure out how to pass time in different ways

But can end your hopes and fears with one swirl of my pen on paper, the death of love to make the world safer