Song of the day 9/2/2013 “Let it Slide” by KEANE

When you say Keane you think of soft piano rock, but on their sophomore album Keane went very Dark. Under the Iron Sea is one of beast albums of the last thirteen years. It’s really brilliant, it’s a lovelorn nightmare that absolutely pushes the limits of alternative rock with crazy storytelling, wildly imaginative lyrics and songs that were both catchy and intricate.
Let it Slide was a B-Side to Under the Iron Sea that took a back sea to “Is It Any Wonder’ which had considerable amounts of success in the United States. Both Let It Slide and Is It any Wonder are vicious piano and synth assaults that are lightened by Tom Chaplin’s vocals.
Let It Slide was one of the first songs i heard from Keane and it made me finally find my first favorite band. It became one of my favorite songs for the lengthy instrumental that dominates the second half of the song. it dominates your ears and while the song lacks the brilliant lyrics that most Keane songs are known for, the music is there.
This is easily Keane’s best least known song, and it gets no play. I love Keane so much, and as their greatest hits album comes out it might be the death of a dream for them to continue making records for years! But everything has to come to and end and hopefully on their final tour Keane will bring that end to a proper close!