I got up at sunrise, looking at a lonely bed thinking about the past

Been walking the streets looking for love since I was a kid

Now since I’ve been writing a book, I’ve been craving a new look

Something to burn my world or at least give me a little spark


Had  trouble In high school, not to much to say

Now I’m living a different a way

Same clothes but In a different fashion

I’ve been moving around the place listening to some old time beats

I’ve got love and just a little passion

And now I need some action


I’ve been living with a broken heart, self medicating to mend the wounds

Now it’s time to go downtown

Down Terrace

Down the street looking for a little dove to turn my world around

The message couldn’t have ever been clearer, and I’m thinking about traveling

Make a name for myself

And If you don’t want to be by my side then I could find some pretty little help

I like you girl, the way you move and dance

Springsteen vibe but we’ve got some candles ablaze

The way you move, damn it’s got me In a bit of a daze

Call it a phase

But at least it’s got a name

I’ve been feeling the same way for to damn long, so it’s time to not write a wrong but make some new rights

Checking the next flights

Family disses me but they know where to bite

Friends aren’t what they used to be

Looks like I’m going in alone


Feeling inspired in the streets of this town

Aspiration to flip that frown and make something oh so real

Feels like I’ve got my own theme song, moving my ass to a new feel

Thinking about all those days when I was so scared and crying

I’d be lying if right now I didn’t say that I was feeling like that man In the mirror was someone that I could get used to

I want to see Europe, looking for new vibes

Life carved me up but the rest of me is ready to start



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New Things Coming Now!

So i finished and submitted my first book and i have a couple of months to really get the advertising right. Trafford is publishing The City Breaks its Promise, and it should be out in paperback everywhere by February. So this page will help get some people hopefully interested. It’s quite a good book, and if you aren’t sold now i have until February to sell this book. I want to have a impressive first week. So its time to get to work!
I’ll  be sharing a new page that updates a lot, my twitter is @AuthorGrandin and you’ll be able to find ample information on here

Update: NOVEMBER 7th

Today is my mother’s 58th birthday. How time does fly, the other day i was thinking about how its almost winter and i wasn’t even finished dissing summer. It’s hopefully going to be a good day for my mom, i got a lot of her favorite football players to wish her a happy birthday. So today is a special day but thats not the only update!
I’ll be experimenting with some writing on this website now, but one last time i’m going to share some of my favorite pieces of old work. And also i have to work on tidying up the page. But hopefully basically from now on the work i put out will be of high quality. Also i’ll be publishing my book through Trafford in late January. Much more information coming out from that.
But On a different note, are there any cool writing projects or anything out there you think i should try feel free to let me know. Also feel free to always comment no matter what, you take the time to read my work so that means the world to me. It really does, everytime that star comes up i feel great

Battle of the Night

These nights and i can’t exist together

The world is big but not big enough for this conflict

Guns drawn, knives sharpened for the battle of the night A fight for everyone to watch

Peeled skin, nasty sins and darkness in the denizens Preachers words slide out the kids ears again, outstretched like the sense to my opinions
Going to win again, no i doubt it

London hides my starry night, my fight will end in the delight
Every time i look into nights eyes i see more inconsistencies We watch each other closely, brothers separated at birth
We have to prove our relation first, but we all knew that night was my dear brother

He was the bastard child

But i was the prodigal son and the attention shifted like i was the diabolical one

Let’s have some fun, i’ll kill as many of your agents as i can, and i won’t run

The battle of the twilight, blood and loud drums

Meat and stunned faces, the thought of not having a sun becomes a reality
I blast through the Earth messing limbs In the air that night
Smashed like a bug, wishing i could go back to one of my mother’s hugs
All the drugs and snug opportunities all of sudden seem so severe

I have one finger left that pulls me up the mountain

Night has past and sun has arouse
I can’t breath, i can’t see but i can feel

The ravaged lived by night and the kings oversaw the day

I was neither, just a piece of bright violence splattered on the learning board of a generation
I wanted to call myself a hero, but first i had to start with a person


Never Broken


I stare into the apocalypse

Glitter in the shadows of the night

I’ve been knocked down but I won’t be broken

Bent and snapped back with my hands together hoping

Used to slop with diphen compounds but now I hear money sounds

Been tested by the times and now I’ve come round

You can hold me close and know that when I jump I won’t drown


I’ve got a feeling in my stomach that I found something so rare

But distance has never been on my side I fear

And when I count on luck, I usually go and fall
I just want it all

Hairs on my arm stand when you come walking
And I need you now like I’ve never needed someone before

I want to live, and that life is one that only you can give

I kiss you in all my dreams, we float in a never ending stream

But life is so fucking cruel, but that doesn’t mean…that I can’t undermine it’s rule

I’ve been knocked down but I won’t be broken

Bent and snapped back with my hands together hoping

Used to slop with diphen compounds but now I hear money sounds

Been tested by the times and now I’ve come round

You can hold me close now and know that when I jump I won’t drown



My eyes are open, and as I stare into a rising sun I start falling forward into ol’ green grass

And I need you all to hold me now

I need something to only you can give me

I’d swim a sea, climb a mountain and fly across the world to show you what our life could be

Now don’t drop your head down and neither will I

I’ve cried so many nights without anything to hold onto

But my spirit is healing, and now I’m a better man

I’ll give you a hand when you need help and can’t stand

I’ll fight into I conquer these emotions and blast off far beyond this land

A hole in the Earth

My way out

Because I don’t want to look south again, I want to win

Time will tell, when my time will begin


Those early mornings when I had my hands so tight hoping

Praying that when I met that girl in my fucking dreams that her arms would be open

Nightmares from the bottom while I hold you on top

All the pain I’ve ever felt leads me to this moment

All the emotions in my gut can’t stop me, I busted out my chains and even a plane couldn’t bring me high enough

I’m going past the sun, I’m running away from home and I know now that I won’t be broken

Those days when I was reeling, laying on the ground covered in fresh blood

My dad angry and my mom crying a symphony

When I was in the mud, you were in my dreams

I need something that only you can give

Damn I’ve got this feeling that I might have seen an angel

Damn you might just be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

You are a queen and I am a grain of sand, I’m a river while you are all the land in the whole fucking world

I might just bust right out of Earth not knowing where I’m headed


I used to sing into the night and write little odes

I met some girls and hit some lows

I’ve met god’s creatures but damn girl I’m hoping that we go to hell together
Left hoping that we can blow this whole fucking world open

Used to slop with diphen compounds now I’m hearing money sounds with my hand in the air

I’ve run away but now it’s time to stay, I’ve got some magic up this old sleeve
I want to show you that I’ve fallen so much and I’ve bent but never broken

My heart is soaking, arms open and my hands together praying for something real

No time to grieve


Can you love me more then I love you?
Let’s paint the sky different colors when your days are blue
Lets shoot a hole in the Earth, I haven’t felt this young since my birth

Screaming inspired verses atop god’s highest peak
I’ll never come down

I’ll never come down!



Hope (Stacia Response)


Hope is in the almighty form of just staying alive, keeping my eyes open

Because when they drift close I swear I’m going to panic, I’ll know that the sickness found me

Sweat dropping down my forehead, thinking about when I’ll be dead

Before then hope is a stream full of blood, reality mixed with dreams flowing through the earth

I’ll be a drop of water that flows down stream

I’ll be there between rocks and passing fish toward the big city

Holding my breath, under the water?                     
Holding onto memories close to my chest, heading toward the big city

A town without pity, heading for big things

Maybe a couple of awards, a few rings for my mother

If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have been born, no other

And then maybe I can stand atop a mountain and look down at a city I have conquered

I might be covered in blood, but I had to pass through the jungle before climbing up the peak

Its love that I seek, but I might be just a bit to meek

As I float down that stream, maybe holding my love

I’ll be heading towards the waterfall clutching her with all my heart

My hope is that through all those years, I’ll have someone who can hold my hand that long

Someone who won’t just wanted float down stream with me, but who will want to fall down the waterfall