This Girl

This girl,
Still on my mindMy heart was to heavy with you inside
But now it’s to damn light and i feel like i could glide
Please baby hold me down again

This girl,
Lost in my late night nostalgia
Reviewing old messages of hope
Her skin against mine would make me glow 
I feel just like a kid he just won’t let it go
Because life is to slow without you in it

I’ll fight and never feel complete
I just can’t let it go
This girl is so beautiful within her flow
Life is a puzzle, and i just can’t seem to figure it out

The Big Fan

You are a ladder to the sun, youre the hero of my lost times
You are an inspiration for each statement, and each rhyme
You make me want to grab your hand and run to transcend dimensions
Your support, your cohort, and your zero
You are so much more then what meets the eye, and what greets the eye is amazing but you are more then my hero
Your number 1 fan, ill catch each bullet i can from lifes gun but what you have to do might knock you down
But ill never let go, we won’t
Call it a coalition that will rise, be by your side and get to look into your beautiful eyes
Leaves fall in autumn, but they grow again, youll never break but you might bend
Theyll never love you like i love you, ive got letters to send
Ill never crash and burn to ash, but id tear through everything i have to show you how much you are worth
You are triumph, beauty, you are first
You are never alone sweetheart
you know more then me Each beautiful end had a horrible start



I got up at sunrise, looking at a lonely bed thinking about the past

Been walking the streets looking for love since I was a kid

Now since I’ve been writing a book, I’ve been craving a new look

Something to burn my world or at least give me a little spark

Had  trouble In high school, not to much to say
Now I’m living a different a way

Same clothes but In a different fashion

I’ve been moving around the place listening to some old time beats

I’ve got love and just a little passion

And now I need some action


I’ve been living with a broken heart, self medicating to mend the wounds

Now it’s time to go downtown

Down Terrace

Down the street looking for a little dove to turn my world around

The message couldn’t have ever been clearer, and I’m thinking about traveling

Make a name for myself

And If you don’t want to be by my side then I could find some pretty little help

I like you girl, the way you move and dance

Springsteen vibe but we’ve got some candles ablaze

The way you move, damn it’s got me In a bit of a daze

Call it a phase

But at least it’s got a name

I’ve been feeling the same way for to damn long, so it’s time to not write a wrong but make some new rights

Checking the next flights

Family disses me but they know where to bite

Friends aren’t what they used to be

Looks like I’m going in alone


Feeling inspired in the streets of this town

Aspiration to flip that frown and make something oh so real

Feels like I’ve got my own theme song, moving my ass to a new feel

Thinking about all those days when I was so scared and crying

I’d be lying if right now I didn’t say that I was feeling like that man In the mirror was someone that I could get used to

I want to see Europe, looking for new vibes

Life carved me up but the rest of me is ready to start




I really can’t deny how beautiful you are, but do you see it

Do you believe that someone like me could be with someone like you

Do you believe that I could make your sky blue, or I could hold you tight

I could fight for you, make your days right

Glide across the world like a shooting star, hold you so close and whisper a poem into your ear

Do you believe me that I’m sincere, and that you would be the dearest thing in my life

Do you believe it?

I’m a man of simple pleasures, but you’re amazing

If you came toward me I’d have to wonder if I could take it

Do you believe this poem, because I doubt I could fake it

Do you believe that these words are real?
Do you believe that I could be your place to hide before the storm begins?

That you could dance and mesmerize me, almost like every time I looked into your eyes

Would you understand if I told you I’d like to be with you, or would you not feel the same way

If I made a promise, with a tear in my eye, all the hope In my heart and belief in my mind

If you held me and I held you I think we’d be alright


I’ll bang on your door until you let me in because sometimes I might need a place to hide

I know in my mind that I might be the best thing for you, but I know you’d be the best for me

You are the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever seen, and if I ever kissed you it would be a dream come true

And do you believe me if the skies were dark I’d do everything to turn them blue

Do you believe that if I’d wipe away every tear, and prepare you for every fear

Would it surprise you if I said that I’ve been waiting for you for so many years

That every message I sent was in preparation for you
So Take my hand tonight because I know we’d be alright girl

Nicole, what a name for such a perfect woman

Nicole, if I made a promise with a tear in my eye and hope in my heart would you believe me?
If judgment day came around at least I’d know that I’d die happy, and when I found a place to hide at least I’d be with you


Onierology, you never were my best friend, i believe in dreams to defend, in philosophy to comprehend and years ago i dreamt of the end, some people say my main character is my identical twin who genetics that revolutionize next to kin


I say you are an OK computer, far before the Bends, Fuck Pablo Honey, I desire blood stained money, egyptian cotten and a means to beginAs i sway, my feelings depart, this is my head and this is my little heart, my endeavor is a machine so warm it up before we start


This is skyscrapers in the Horizon, a wandering mind beside ballons captivating our eyesIm elated every night because I’ve got stars in my sight and,A future that never liedTokyo gaze as I fight the tide in which so many have died



Its the time of the night, when i feel alternative dance in my veins, blood pumps past the obstacles in my brain as I marvel at all the adversity ive already slain, then its that time of the day when im next to my love and i realize i have everything to lose and nothing to gain


The bitter taste of desperation in my mouth, drives me insane


Speeding through the wrong land with her heart to steal


Waiting until i get the Electric Feel



Stargazer in the basement, like post mortem slides in descent


Her head beside my ugly snout, heartbeating together and I Shout!


I just figured life Out


So speak your clout, ive got credentials like a disco sensation or a victory speech with no indentations, Sly & the Family Stone raised me beside urban poetry in my Thompson Home, Im a good sport so i throw these motherfuckers two and a half bones



I remembered my face covered in blood everyday except halloween, I wasnt going to be a demographic, you can see and hear what im saying, but do you have any idea of what i mean?


I wouldnt settle for one scene, I wasnt destined to be an average angst ridden teen or a fiend


Thought about taking my life, die before seeing Keane…Never


And im an Author, its true, I promise not to take my life if the sky isnt always blue


All of Your love, i couldnt sever


Through my work, i will Live forever



walk into the forest too deep wrapping my heart for you to keep
I woke up from a deep sleep I roamed around cold beach like a creep I anticipated the night a quiet riot they kidnap the light
loves tide, the day i stared into your eye, doubt committed suicide. In you arms, i couldve cried, instead rage took hostage with a insidious lie
Id love to say i could try, but with you absent id rather die.

She called calligraphy, my art,my biography. Im a tyrant, painfully referencing life’s bibliography. As soon as i realized life wasnt smiles and flowers, i found you to stare at for hours. Scared by a dispassionate kiss, dolorous by the puddle of old piss.

Id take a stroll, heartbreaks sedatives had taken a toll. I was high on false hope, i built a fortress to try and cope but god got to me. I was going to slit my throat, hoping the blood would keep afloat long enough to see the sunshine. Howls of experimentation, forsaken with loves temptation. Nothing could fructify your lost sensation.

I stood then, my mind below a star. It flew away so far, as my overachieving repertoire kept its prominence on like a dirty scar. I see you in a dream, your portrait still more beautiful then anything id ever seen. But your intentions are as sharp as a scream, i can no longer try and balance on that beam. This poem is the beginning of the team, you think your queen but it wont be long this confidence reigns supreme.