Taken out the ghetto blasters when what’s keeping us down is on guard

When we live under these beautiful stars, how can life be this hard?

Lying there dying in the courtyard of music and dreams

Brutal mutations through the thrust of time, wondering when they are going to die

When something is going meaningful, you see everyone with beautiful cars, wasting away In raggedy bars wondering when the dark rain will begin to disperse

We can hold our hands and find what is love


I’m not religious but sometimes I feel what’s going above

Because when I die, will become a bug, a ghost living in the abyss, or nothing…


Never Broken


I stare into the apocalypse

Glitter in the shadows of the night

I’ve been knocked down but I won’t be broken

Bent and snapped back with my hands together hoping

Used to slop with diphen compounds but now I hear money sounds

Been tested by the times and now I’ve come round

You can hold me close and know that when I jump I won’t drown


I’ve got a feeling in my stomach that I found something so rare

But distance has never been on my side I fear

And when I count on luck, I usually go and fall
I just want it all

Hairs on my arm stand when you come walking
And I need you now like I’ve never needed someone before

I want to live, and that life is one that only you can give

I kiss you in all my dreams, we float in a never ending stream

But life is so fucking cruel, but that doesn’t mean…that I can’t undermine it’s rule

I’ve been knocked down but I won’t be broken

Bent and snapped back with my hands together hoping

Used to slop with diphen compounds but now I hear money sounds

Been tested by the times and now I’ve come round

You can hold me close now and know that when I jump I won’t drown



My eyes are open, and as I stare into a rising sun I start falling forward into ol’ green grass

And I need you all to hold me now

I need something to only you can give me

I’d swim a sea, climb a mountain and fly across the world to show you what our life could be

Now don’t drop your head down and neither will I

I’ve cried so many nights without anything to hold onto

But my spirit is healing, and now I’m a better man

I’ll give you a hand when you need help and can’t stand

I’ll fight into I conquer these emotions and blast off far beyond this land

A hole in the Earth

My way out

Because I don’t want to look south again, I want to win

Time will tell, when my time will begin


Those early mornings when I had my hands so tight hoping

Praying that when I met that girl in my fucking dreams that her arms would be open

Nightmares from the bottom while I hold you on top

All the pain I’ve ever felt leads me to this moment

All the emotions in my gut can’t stop me, I busted out my chains and even a plane couldn’t bring me high enough

I’m going past the sun, I’m running away from home and I know now that I won’t be broken

Those days when I was reeling, laying on the ground covered in fresh blood

My dad angry and my mom crying a symphony

When I was in the mud, you were in my dreams

I need something that only you can give

Damn I’ve got this feeling that I might have seen an angel

Damn you might just be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

You are a queen and I am a grain of sand, I’m a river while you are all the land in the whole fucking world

I might just bust right out of Earth not knowing where I’m headed


I used to sing into the night and write little odes

I met some girls and hit some lows

I’ve met god’s creatures but damn girl I’m hoping that we go to hell together
Left hoping that we can blow this whole fucking world open

Used to slop with diphen compounds now I’m hearing money sounds with my hand in the air

I’ve run away but now it’s time to stay, I’ve got some magic up this old sleeve
I want to show you that I’ve fallen so much and I’ve bent but never broken

My heart is soaking, arms open and my hands together praying for something real

No time to grieve


Can you love me more then I love you?
Let’s paint the sky different colors when your days are blue
Lets shoot a hole in the Earth, I haven’t felt this young since my birth

Screaming inspired verses atop god’s highest peak
I’ll never come down

I’ll never come down!



Sorry for the Long Wait!

I’m back, i apologize that i haven’t been around! So I’ll be publishing a novella through Trafford Publishing in Early January. It’s extremely exciting. I’m so happy and readyd to dive head first into this beautiful madness. I’ll introduce the book to you ovvr time! For tonight however i have a bunch of stuff for you guys

Ode to my Grandma



Ode to my Grandma (Round 2)


Grandma, I miss the times when you’d kiss my cheek and we’d talk

About all my plans which at the time I wrote in chalk, not permanent

But now I wish I could tell you these ideas have fermented in my head and now I’m ready to live by the lyrical words and write free verse like some shit you’ve never ever heard

Because you are a Lion God, with so much passion, and I remember when you threw your cane at those kids messing with your trash and, when you told me to never give up

And sometimes I might hiccup like a pause in the beat, but I’ll claim my throne on any seat, and never concede to defeat

I’m a parasite in a system, a pistol among sharpshooters, a crazy bastard who moonlights as a master of the words

I have my own bible, notes I took from my grandma

Words she muttered between the drag of a cigarette, knife on the wall and fist like a brick, you make the call?
You take the risk, you step to her and be slapped mostly by wisdom and pep

Down to fight even with a replaced hip

She taught me…

Life is a fatal sickness, perpendicular to strep and we all have to found something to represent before we get lost in retrospect

Taking care of an entire family to ride the waves of a tsunami, traveled the world while I watched toonami

She was a boss of all bosses, live and prosper at all costs

Never count your losses, and the only time to worry

Is if the pain you feel is more than the love you’ve received

Time is a spec compared to a giant chess bored where I used to make my move, high above the trees in your backyard grandma

We’d throw rocks off the porch

Smoke a cigarette during the drama as she would count the commas, the wisdom was unreal

Something a thirteen year old boy could love and feel

And when my dad wasn’t there, my grandma was
For that there will always be lots of love

All the live I ever received paled in the comparison of my grandma and I

And as the rest of my cousins decided to hate, my grandma taught me everything and helped me decide my fate

I can read her my book, now’s not to late

Sometimes I feel like sedating myself to crawl away from life’s pain but then I remember my grandma

He didn’t stand, she ran toward the problems facing all around her land

She is so tough I like to call her my main man, but she might sock me so I stick to best friend

My favorite person from now to the end



Hope (Stacia Response)


Hope is in the almighty form of just staying alive, keeping my eyes open

Because when they drift close I swear I’m going to panic, I’ll know that the sickness found me

Sweat dropping down my forehead, thinking about when I’ll be dead

Before then hope is a stream full of blood, reality mixed with dreams flowing through the earth

I’ll be a drop of water that flows down stream

I’ll be there between rocks and passing fish toward the big city

Holding my breath, under the water?                     
Holding onto memories close to my chest, heading toward the big city

A town without pity, heading for big things

Maybe a couple of awards, a few rings for my mother

If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have been born, no other

And then maybe I can stand atop a mountain and look down at a city I have conquered

I might be covered in blood, but I had to pass through the jungle before climbing up the peak

Its love that I seek, but I might be just a bit to meek

As I float down that stream, maybe holding my love

I’ll be heading towards the waterfall clutching her with all my heart

My hope is that through all those years, I’ll have someone who can hold my hand that long

Someone who won’t just wanted float down stream with me, but who will want to fall down the waterfall

Poetic Parenthesis (Bus Ride)

There is a bus ride, that I take in the morning

Sun Rises as I’m yawning
They say you can make a story out of anything

So let me write this song, you can sing

I’ve got sun in my eyes on this bus ride, feeling some breeze with the water in my eyes

Intercepting the life, but it’s not a pick six
Siting next to an old woman who smells like the death sticks

Life is a blessing, driving across from blessings

A Chinese restaurant, the food is a blessing

Time that I’m missing, money that I’m pissing away

That’s why I had to ride the bus today
Next to shady characters, looking very hazardous

Life right now feels like swing or miss

I’m close to my destination, but I’m living and breathing underneath procrastination

And now I’m looking at skyscrapers that I blame for corporate mechanisms and greed

But they are institutions and programs that I use and need
The bus ride is an eye opening thing

You feel like a peasent but theres no reason you can’t be a king

Self worth thrown into the mix and the devil gets his kicks

But life transcends large houses and cool bling

You are creatures, who…

Ride the bus, and if you want feel free to join us

I Hate You

What are you girl, with your soft brown skin gleaming in the moonlightI lost everything to you
And you may still have my heart
but not for long

Name your price, to allow me have everything back
Not everything i can still have
But i’d do anything to take back the first day i met you
I couldn’t have lost myself to a more shallow of a person
I hate you

Dumbed Down (Poetic Justice)

This is the way to go, I’ll give you my two cent

Trying to get a few dollars, which I already spent

We are the generation of broken dreams, and we resent all the splattered passion on the walls of endearment

We have to understand that these days are of a lesser being
we have to talk all about what we are seeing

Don’t be confused by the nights that hide the street lights

Don’t say it’s wrong when you know its right
we came to the scene with aspirations

We left with anger and a will to fight

Because the stars and moon paint a different picture

My eyes are looking upon a visual lecture

To be or not to be was the old question?
Now it’s live fast die young because you only live once

Praying to a thousand suns that we aren’t sure are real

Judging character less then sex appeal

Not caring about faces, and distorting pride

Would you be happy with what you accomplished if you just fell over and died?