Dreams (ReRelease #1)

I got up at sunrise, looking at a lonely bed thinking about the past

Been walking the streets looking for love since I was a kid

Now since I’ve been writing a book, I’ve been craving a new look

Something to burn my world or at least give me a little spark

Had  trouble In high school, not to much to say
Now I’m living a different a way

Same clothes but In a different fashion

I’ve been moving around the place listening to some old time beats

I’ve got love and just a little passion

And now I need some action


I’ve been living with a broken heart, self medicating to mend the wounds

Now it’s time to go downtown

Down Terrace

Down the street looking for a little dove to turn my world around

The message couldn’t have ever been clearer, and I’m thinking about traveling

Make a name for myself

And If you don’t want to be by my side then I could find some pretty little help

I like you girl, the way you move and dance

Springsteen vibe but we’ve got some candles ablaze

The way you move, damn it’s got me In a bit of a daze

Call it a phase

But at least it’s got a name

I’ve been feeling the same way for to damn long, so it’s time to not write a wrong but make some new rights

Checking the next flights

Family disses me but they know where to bite

Friends aren’t what they used to be

Looks like I’m going in alone


Feeling inspired in the streets of this town

Aspiration to flip that frown and make something oh so real

Feels like I’ve got my own theme song, moving my ass to a new feel

Thinking about all those days when I was so scared and crying

I’d be lying if right now I didn’t say that I was feeling like that man In the mirror was someone that I could get used to

I want to see Europe, looking for new vibes

Life carved me up but the rest of me is ready to start


Today, Is a Different Day

If you would stay with me, Ill bring the stars for you to see, if we can compose a symphony, ill be more then anyone else ever could be

So Lets Dance, and make a plan, I’ve Kissed a girl, but never a pearl

I’ll reincarnate all the great qualities I possess, without religion, you are the only god I’d ever need

Support me, please, take the lead

You take my breath away, right when I’m trying to figure out what to say


I danced into a cold room, sat next to you, found the heat

I was hanging by a thread, and you made my heartbeat

If this is any indication, you made hell a vacation, the dirt was elation

I lost sensation, and found a ghost, I grabbed onto life to make the most

If it’s a party, then you’re the host, I’ll write a speech for the toast

The moon, the untouched land, the tour guide for me to find, the most beautiful woman in all of mankind, you are the safety in a warning sign

As the Music stopped, my heart dropped, called to a task, a cappella, we’ll venture to a drained marsh, assure society is not to harsh. Let’s take a photo, because you are picture perfect



The siren sounds, and my heart pounds. Before I was crestfallen, now I’m here to stay. You put my heart under arrest, but I’m living, has anybody told you are picturesque, I just did but I repeat things when it concerns the very best.

Oh god, they are jealous, but don’t let the dead stain life. If I am a river, you are the ocean, when you walk into the room you bring with you a commotion

Even if I’m the only person in the world who thinks you are the most beautiful girl in it, I’ll gladly be the misfit. Even if you can’t admit, ill testify, there was a day when I wanted to floated away, but now I’m here to st

Please believe, in you I believe

The criminals in our dreams are apt to deceive

Aphrodite or Venus, the world has never seen a descendent. If the stars are the moons jewelry, then you’re Earth’s pendent

Don’t cover your face with hair, anthem to the chorus of a bedshaped stare, don’t let my honesty conflict to fear, I’m happy as long as you’re near

When the world stopped and burned, I want you to know I’ll always car

Don’t apologize for a thing, your name has the sweetest ring. Please come over my way, I had your gorgeous face in my mind as I woke up today

I can sit and say its ok, if you aren’t smiling every moment of everyday

You are the brightest star of them all, you are special but we all can fall

You give the life stream some aid, to make the lost souls wish they stayed

Everybody is suffering…there were times I wanted to die, to fall so low, sink and cry…but when I’ve got you on my mind, I could never give a premature goodbye…I could never ever say goodbye. I swear Ill never float away, because I’ve unpacked my bags, I’m here to stay!!!