Song of the Day 9/8/2013 “Something Good Can Work” by Two Door Cinema Club


Personally i think this is the much better version of a amazing song. Two Door Cinema Club blasted off on the scene, and when i heard their songs they weren’t to big. Something happened and now they are headlining tours and are even on MTV
I’ll admit i never was a fan of their second album and i think it might be only downhill from here. TDCC have definitely had their taste of fame and their second album sounds like it. But luckily “Something Good Can Work” is on the first album, which is a pure classic for modern alternative rock. What an album and Something Can Good Work might be the best song among a group of very good tracks. “I Can Talk” “What You KNow” Undercover Maryten” and “This is the Life” are some very big highlights.
Something Good Can Work is for fans of indie rock, alternative and even punk. Shit, it sounds great and has a quality that makes it seem like an post punk guitar assault. Hit It Up!

Song of the Day 9/3/2013 “Digital” by Joy Divison

Woah, check out this song right here. It doesn’t get much darker then this, Joy Division has always been the godfathers of controlled rage in music. I think one can argue that when it comes to depressing, emotionally charged and dark albums, Unknown Pleasures might be the top. Ian Curtis’s charged lyrics captivate the listener, as the icy guitars in the background build up to the euphoric “Day In! Day Out!”
Digital isn’t Joy Divisions best song, but its a song that is POST PUNK. It’s a song that defines the genre along with the various other songs that Joy Division released. Overshadowed by the brilliant Transmission and the all time classic Love Will Tear us Apart, Digital gets play from hardcore Joy Division, Post Punk and Alternative Rock 80s Children.
It’s a song that details depression, a battle that Ian Curtis lost. I’ve always tried to describe what depression is in creative ways. But when you hear Ian Curtis howling “Day In! Day Out!” you know that you can never out do it. In four words, depression is laid out on a plate for everyone to see and hear. Each day is the same, the same bullshit. You feel like the same stain on existence, you feel embarassment, confusion and anger every day.
It’s devastating when depression takes a turn for the worse, in Ian Curtis’s case he took his own life. I’ve been greatly affected by SUicide in my immediate family. Nearly destroyed me, and it’s so sad when someone with so much talent, that so many people love and look up to decides to take their own life. Ian Curtis was the epitome of talented, and he had a young daughter and such an amazing career ahead of him. But none of that matters when every day, Day in Day out you feel the he did and how i have felt at times
Now my mood is controlled by prescription drugs, which have saved my life but i fear and wonder about those days and what would have happened if i didn’t get help. The tragic end of Ian Curtis’s life makes the music so much more intense as well. Listening to Joy Division tells a tragic story and “Digital” is a very important chapter, and thats why its Tuesdays song of the day!

Song of the Day 8/31/2013

I’m sorry, its the song of the day for the second time! “I’m holding onto the joy of desire” as Harry McVeigh sings in the lead single to the White Lies highly anticipated new album Big TV.
I think that more people have to hear this song and please comment below what you think, because this song is bloody brilliant. It’s really that good, its Goth Disco, Post Punk Dance, Alternative Rock Heaven.
Check it out, and it’s amazing video inspired by a Bollywood Film! WOOT

Song of the Day 8/24/2013 “Pace is the Trick”

Song of the Day 8/24/2013 “Pace is the Trick”

Edgy Ice Cold Post Punk that catches a nerve in all the right places. Dreary Lyrics and Paul Bank’s prized voice carries this song to absolute gothic melancholia. Great Song from a great album, Interpol blasted off onto the scene in the 2000s and led the American side of the Post Punk Revival movement. They made black suits and thin ties cool again, in fact they became very cool. A rivalry with the fans of Editors was created but to be honest i’d like nothing more then for Paul Banks and Tom Smith to come together and perform a depressed lovelorn ballad. Enjoy Pace is the Trick from the album Our Love to Admire

Song of the Day- Thursday 8/15/2013


“There Goes our Love Again”

By: White Lies

From Album: Big TV


                London natives, White Lies are known for icy hot jams that bring you back to the heyday of Post Punk. Their first album, To Lose My Life, was a big hit across the globe. White Lies released their debut at a time when Post Punk and alternative rock was at its turning point. The explosion of Alternative rock since the 80s had reached its peak, and newer bands like The Killers, Muse, Coldplay and Keane were finding profound success for the last time. Fast forward to 2013 and the “Alternative” genre now primarily consists of Alternative pop and Electronica. Guitars have been put away and replaced with synth, Alternative Rock heroes like Bloc Party, Editors and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are experimenting with different sounds and everyone just sounds a little bit confused.

                Then came “There Goes Our Love Again”, which I can liken to “Just like Heaven” or “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. It’s an extremely danceable post punk lullaby with a brilliant music video, a catchy hook and great lyrics. Harry McVeigh, vocalist for White Lies, is even sporting brown hair and has on some brighter clothing. As a White Lies fan, I’m used to seeing complete black outfits and hair, dark lovelorn imagery and controlled rage. There Goes Our Love Again feels like something you’d sing and dance to drunkenly after a bitter fight with your partner.

                The music video is one of the cutest things you’ll ever see. It pays homage to a classic Bollywood thriller, sounds weird right? Wrong, the music video consists of a well-choreographed dance off featuring a tiny wonder who leads the men in routine that perfectly compliments everything the song works to achieve. I must admit after watching the video for the fiftieth time, I realized that one of my life goals will be to pull off that dance. Weird, right? Wrong!