“Three words we…

“Three words we shared said too early on
Start with forever to the point of tears
Swimming with a fear where we slowly drown
Ending at never arching melody

As soon as I love her it’s been too long
And I really love breaking your heart
These silver apples will shine on, I was wrong
The hottest love has the coldest end.”

Dominos By The Big Pink

Some of my favorite song lyrics here!

“There is a tas…

“There is a taste in my mouth as desperation takes hold, Is it something so good you can’t just function no more”

One of the best song lyrics ever. Its a verse from Post Punk Masterpiece “Love will tear us Apart” by Joy Division. Just imagine how amazing Joy Division would have been if they had made a bunch of albums. Post Punk would have become a major genre rather then an alt rock subgenre. Yeah Yeah Yeahs fell off, Bloc Party are still cool but they aren’t really Post Punk, Interpol, Editors and White Lies still sound good. I love the genre of music, everything from old U2, to Cut City, The Cure’s first album and The Horrors quickly have become one of my favorite bands. They have really made some albums Ian Curtis would be pleased with!