Isolation, Isolation, Isolation

Oh, I wish you see all this beauty, i wish this tear painted a picture of light, I wish i knew who i am, I wish i was alright

Haunted by Self-Reservation, Curious beyond all the lies, someone go help that poor baby, i cant take listening to him cry, without love he surely will die

I grew plants in Isolation, I taught it everything it knows, confused by its transformation, its hideous beyond its wildest imagination, it regains power quicker then I

I picked skin in Isolation, to balance my fucked up mind. I dreamed of blue lakes and the sky, but i loathed all of mankind

If I prayed to loud they would beat me, so it was hard to remember my lines

These walls were made out of memories, so many i couldnt recall. So I began to rewrite the bible, Revelations didnt match an inevitable fal

I thought about all my friends all throughout the world, to balance my lonely thoughts

I wanted to go and see them, but if I did id surely be caught

Isolation was the ugliest cell, but view wasnt really to bad. They teased me with laughter and games, to keep us so fucking sad

The walls whispered of a riot, i believed on true, If I met my maker, i’d beat him until he was blue, but the chaos in isolation, came when the moon was blue

The spirits howled and screamed, as my sentence came to an end. My body was so weak that i could barely stand

I hugged the walls like my mother, i wanted to conquer the land

They hit me until i moved, but i stood where i would stand…


The Last Poem for You

There is nothing to fear, now lets get together and conquer the world. If I don’t swirl or smile while I lowercase the hippo, understand I usually fall in love with PTSD Nympho. Confirm the past with the present, with an endeavor that shines and glows, who will stop me nobody knows!


Yo I realized I’m not enough, I see through your god, your words and everything you preach, its bittersweet when you disappear from my reach. I can see the darkest lie is true, I wrote my last poem for you




I don’t need a weapon to lose my life yeah, but I’m dying to be forgiven. Sadness is never ending, the ballad beat the eulogy, my last poem is just the beginning. The sound of a fight is the bane of my silent night, it’s a new name controlling the game. I breath threats, your presence in this equation is as relevant as a cassette, and as I spit into the face of trauma with a New Flame, I swear on my life this will never be the same


I can see the darkest lie is true, I wrote my last poem for you. Created riddles for you children like Winnie The Pooh, solving the mystery without a clue, this perestroika is my enigma, to keep up my stigma now watch me burn, cut my face, only wanted a taste.


Talk to me, flourish at an early age yeah, I sustained non fiction on the first page moments before I embrace unchecked rage, aggression, I was born to set the world on fire let me sum it up in a melody or a dreadful epiphany, I’d never thought I’d live long enough to cook goals like rotisserie but enemies fell like Rome, Chris and I are the New Triumvirate, are you illiterate or just really stupid, words aren’t a threat just my best bet, what are the odds we can end this centennial with success that’s millennial, meet each regret just to breed pets to collect all of society’s debts




The heat is rising, disguises and souvenirs, I did things my way, debonair. Its an ending fitting for the start, I live life for those who chose to depart. I’ll thrash and tear you apart, because deep down inside I really hate you.


The aftermath of a cruel gag, it’s the era of cool pictures and unquestionable swag. I hold a brown paper bag in the ICU, slit my wrists and then wrote this ode to the nine people In my fucking crew. We stand perpendicular to the animal kingdom, gargantuan, REPRESENT, homeless with a immaculate tent


I wrote my last poem for you, but there is no remorse in this milieu. So get ready for my big debut, I said I’d off myself but my life is extended, question of life open ended, I’m hurt but no longer dependent, I suffer and cry, but this is the biggest fuck you to the ugliest lie, I live through my work so I’ll never die



Have you Heard this before, in your aural periphery, I downtuned my emotions to make them muggy on a beautiful day

My friend’s body was left swinging, we were taught spirituality as we drowned in herbal tea, I questioned my dignity day by day, I wrote that boy’s eulogy, but only my pen had something to say



He was a good kid, i question why the best tend to spill their blood

We were in a state of desperation, be we have to agree with their Law





The Hallways smelled like the present, the future was what they made us resent

Relentless Fire, but he burst his flesh because he wanted a kiss


I want to hear some music that means something to me

Far from an urban hymms, Im not a fan of melodies, jingles or Epiphanies

I escaped isolation, but this was another time

I do myself a diservice with suede rhymes positive flow laced with wind chimes

I like simple things

Im not a Man of my word

We’ve seen to much to go along with drama and beef

The children dont understand its KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL…

We forgot the ways our mothers raised us

We forgot the days, when there was difference between right and wrong

Its just been to long…

I felt like Layne Steeley was singing to me as i slept, I  felt like I was losing what they taught me, the heart i wish i could’ve kept

Drugs took my friends away, Poison grabbed my closest friends

Sobriety will save me from my end

I was chained, but i have love to send, but when i look around i still hate all this shit

Everything i see, you have to respect my pain, maybe believe, what this place is doing to me

Im going to stand when im told to sit!

Why is it weak to cry for my friends floating in the sky

I cry everyday reliving the day they died

I cant think of them, I Cry when i think of where i had to begin


Take this with a Grain of Salt...

The Battle Cry

This is the life under thunder storms, uppers like lightning and downers like Grunge Tic-Tacs

Those banging their heads to Kurt Cobain with their feet up in an upper class cul-de-sac

We live to learn the conscious expression is whack and society carries around flack because now being fat is worse than being black

Soak in the poison and believe in lighter days and lights at the ends of dark tunnels, believe that the chants and battle cries of a generation of that make believe that a brighter day shall come, as we burn Mercedes and thousand dollar tees

Beauty is only what you perceive

We rise with swords and guns as mother earth grieves

The noise drifts away and so do autumn’s leaves; it is we who should flee the smog and the desolate black clouds

The stories read aloud to children are corporate mechanisms and your sex life is a euphemism

The young boy plots revenge with slits on his wrists while his brother is in the next bar getting pissed

We fell in love with an antonym, waiting for the horns, flutes and the rest of Gabriel’s orchestra to begin


They sing and sing, buildings fall to the earth, but some could say this is a good start

the beginning, the birth without a hand held camera in sight

The wraiths write and the flickering lights from human indulgence splashes onto the scene like a bat out of hell

His words are hate out of heaven, we try to escape life unscathed but we lost so much time that we can’t find seven or eleven

We lost so many memories stored in the back of a machine

Your smile is that of a backwards gleam,

We don’t believe in family, don’t believe what’s said

What the fuck you going to do when you cut yourself and they criticize how much you bled

Fall back into the universe your peripheral blood red

The protest and the songs of the dead condone the joke and what we don’t know

We pray to a god and its divinity

We’d die for what we haven’t seen, just to fall from infinity


In a million years?

We’ll be happily searching through thousands years of rhymes and slime, but we go on searching line about you and me, we search for the crack of lightning that lets you understand an epiphany

Misspelling your future, we have an app for that

Talk back to the battle cries of a generation, will result in a crack or a slap

The greatest consumers of all, born into the era of crack

Hypocrites rendered into a higher place

The joke is that none of them know who they are at all

Small, skinny, black, white or tall, technology killed the Trojan horse as the entire history falls

We philosophize whilst snorting the purest lines

Party in South London while listening to grime

From every fight to all mankind, tessellate in their tirade, the art is that we laughed at all and the only crime is that they never allowed us to fall

5 Stars

I’ve built a massive wall, but can’t build up my dots

I’ll break the small rules if it will show you lot

That I’m different from you and you aren’t the same as me

And the saddest thing I know is the fate of people close to me

Shadows of movements that I can’t see

Its not the end for you but it is for me 

I am a shadow among men who is dying from regret

I’m so in love with you, are you with me?

I’m lost in your space, and I’ll just take all that I can get


Sometimes I think and I fret

If life’s a game then let me place my bet, but if I lose what do I get?

I’d do anything if the thoughts could leave me alone

I might be a dog to you but don’t you dare throw me a bone

And I might be different from the rest , but I understand my fate

I am a shadow among men dying from regret

I’m so in love with your eyes, but show me the rest

I’m lost in the question but let me guess


I gaze at the starry night, twilight via dimming lights

The ambition, dead to rights

Space between the incision

Not picture perfect, just polished with precision

And as I deal with regret, I awake up from a winter sleep scared

But I know I am living

I’m right there when you’re upset

But I am a shadow among men who is dying from regret

I’m so in love with our past, but it’s filled with descent

I’m so in love with your sighs, can you hate me one more time

As I cry from regret will you appear at my steps

When I disappear will there be any regret

When I die will you forget?



I had a girl, thought it be cool

Singing little lullabies against the flow of time

And I’ve been round the way, and now I’m back

I’ve flown on the back of the past

I’ve studied every frame of every memory

Worry about my fix as the whole world dies

Living a happy life that is all a illusion

Slavery is the best option because in your own depravity you didn’t even move

Let’s go find some models and get with the groove

Got a few hours left, so much to prove

You Thought You knew Me

Help me Become a Human Being
Help me get those feelings you brag about
Sex, Bravado and Drugs
Smoke, Loss of Innocence and adolescent rage
Past it but never ahead of it
Behind you, but not far

Those parties when you wish you said something
The “Fails” and the sweet and sour chicken Life at that end seemed so painful and dull, but wait to you grow older?
When the pain in your back has a name and you find ultimate love

You can’t understand until you go through, but the anticipation is killing me
Seriously i live through life charming those in hilarity but I wanted to be on a bigger level where i can be all iconic in how ironic my pity party turned around 
I was fighting addiction to hell, you thought you knew me back in the day when i was down and out in hell, well here i am today scars on my throat and lost years are in love with me

I talk about it everyday, but who listens can never be trusted You thought you knew me back in the day when you walked away as i called out for help, well i’ve battled a beast and found serenity after i found myself


I think you’ve got the big picture


I’ve got no real future


This is a house of cards and a world of whores


I lost myself before I could begin and its killing me




I’ve been trying to find my way uptown but I realized Life is a sadistic game, nothing more


I became part of a statistic, as society cleaned up the mess of the boy who went ballistic


Wrap your arms around me, this is an open relationship


And we live under the sun


And below the blue moon


But we can’t run yet


What do we live for when our lives come crumbling down


Subliminal pleasure and deafening sounds


But you’ve got the picture, I’ve got no future




When she knocked me over, I restarted my verse


She sprouted chauvinistic


So what do I say first?


I love you please so adopt my emotions and help me fight the curse


To be Alive, to Scream




I don’t want to lose myself twice so take me to the enemy so demise can end tragically


I lived my life, emphatically


Where you in the glee inside my hearse


Your lashing was the worse I was satisfied but focused on being better than everyone else, wanting to discover the distance between you and me


Patiently waiting for this to be a joke because my life was being lived inside you.

I’m getting Lazy!

Im sorry, my rhymes, poems and writing has been lazy lately!! So Sorry guys, but guess what its not WB its actually that i’m focusing so much on the book. Im in book mode not anything else mode, so i have to finish this. My Due date is 30th of December. I’m so excited and have lots of weird feelings. Thanks Guys…just thank you !