I’ll take it from here

Can you Feel the Flow? The fluidity, I fear that each line has its own original identity. I used to dream of going to on a big vacation, poor so forget it, thought about horseback riding instead of the Caribbean but the closest thing I got was watching pornos with sybians. Don’t say anything, but I’m beginning to sharpen, be fearful and disheartened because my body is weak but my mind is a Spartan

Do you feel the Anger? I spoke in Tongues, First it was direct publishing, now I’m flourishing after I mugged the industry, some people question my ability after they question my history, I answer in story and in mystery, I want to show you what Glory means to me. Your dealing with a poetic virtuoso, so much rage that I spit evil, this was the moment when I didn’t feel well, this wasn’t the life that I wanted, this felt like hell.

So I dressed for war, we were urban critters that blended with the dark, no west side story, but we were sharks. Billing Issues, Funerals with discount tissues, slashed tires, murder for hire, prostitution, religious institutions, the boys communicating with their hands and the self righteous Judge presiding over the witness stand. I screamed seven letter swears because I’m a beast, ravaged my moral fiber until it was left deceased, gaunt sickly body, the world is preoccupied with who is a hottie and who is a nottie, now everyone be silent for the boy with the shottie

In The clouds, they said, “Fuck the Noise, attention is the predecessor to suspicion. Don’t Look at Us For Redemption, stare at the abyss, so close to feel the flame’s tongue kiss. Grab your paper and pen, you will need it if you want this to ever end”

My Grandma told me it was the dreams i had to chase, to drop bombs on the horizon im so eager to erase. Ten years later murder was the case.
Assimillate the vocabulary to decimate, i told her i wanted to get my cut, she said to mutilate. If this book takes over, Grandin can legislate. Never hesitate to pontificate, never humiliate just eliminate.


Last Poem (For You)


Yo I realized I’m not enough, I see through your god, your words and everything you preach, its bittersweet when you disappear from my reach. I can see the darkest lie is true, I wrote my last poem for you

I don’t need a weapon to lose my life yeah, but I’m dying to be forgiven. Sadness is never ending, the ballad beat the eulogy, my last poem is just the beginning. The sound of a fight is the bane of my silent night, it’s a new name controlling the game. I breath threats, your presence in this equation is as relevant as a cassette, and as I spit into the face of trauma with a New Flame, I swear on my life this will never be the same

I can see the darkest lie is true, I wrote my last poem for you. Created riddles for you children like Winnie The Pooh, solving the mystery without a clue, this perestroika is my enigma, to keep up my stigma now watch me burn, cut my face, only wanted a taste.

Talk to me, flourish at an early age yeah, I sustained non fiction on the first page moments before I embrace unchecked rage, aggression, I was born to set the world on fire let me sum it up in a melody or a dreadful epiphany, I’d never thought I’d live long enough to cook goals like rotisserie but enemies fell like Rome, Chris and I are the New Triumvirate, are you illiterate or just really stupid, words aren’t a threat just my best bet, what are the odds we can end this centennial with success that’s millennial, meet each regret just to breed pets to collect all of society’s debts

The heat is rising, disguises and souvenirs, I did things my way, debonair. Its an ending fitting for the start, I live life for those who chose to depart. I’ll thrash and tear you apart, because deep down inside I really hate you.

The aftermath of a cruel gag, it’s the era of cool pictures and unquestionable swag. I hold a brown paper bag in the ICU, slit my wrists and then wrote this ode to the nine people In my fucking crew. We stand perpendicular to the animal kingdom, gargantuan, REPRESENT, homeless with a immaculate tent

I wrote my last poem for you, but there is no remorse in this milieu. So get ready for my big debut, I said I’d off myself but my life is extended, question of life open ended, I’m hurt but no longer dependent, I suffer and cry, but this is the biggest fuck you to the ugliest lie, I live through my work so I’ll never die

I’m a Villain

Long obituaries through arbitrary nights

Fighting for my Grandmother to live through unnecessary lights
As a child i skipped through flying kites, leading the film room and studying the good ol’ fights
The World through a book, i was a villain
Laced with irony, is that a paradox

Me vs Myself now that’s something i’d paid to see
Blood on the dance floor and a reflection of you and me
I cared about a world so careless, by my life for the perfect price

No soul to sell, the devil has it in hell

I’m a warmonger, a villain in this culture, so let’s build something thats fit to last

Synopsis or my First Book (Out January 28th)

The City Breaks Its Promise is about Mob Enforcer Spiro Tobick, his drug addicted sister goes missing right when he has to take a job. The Story follows his pursuit of her through his old neighborhood of Hunts Point, Bronx. Spiro and Sephrina his sister, are to desperate characters. Desperate to find meaning in life but also just in general. Spiro suffers from a intense killswitch that stems from the extensive abuse him and his sister faced in Foster Care. The City Breaks Its Promise is as much of a crime fiction novel as a intense character study propelled by the narration of Spiro Tobick
There are bright lights and promise laced in the pavement, questions raised in the skyscrapers but the city gives you a promise.

Still Here (Book Update)

I knew from the beginning I might die young, eighteen or twenty one

But I’m still in this bitch writing and doing wrong

Fucked with the devil yesterday, danced with Margaret Thatcher and fucked Ayn Rand

Ops Republicans I’m sorry for the line,

But fuck it all we can do is whine when there so much to understand during these wicked times

Others suffer while we talk shit over some pine, write rhymes and counting the dimes to go get some wine

Roach on the table, mind over across the world trying to understand why you are here

Looking at someone and never seeing how beautiful they are, when your eyes are wide open either from the diphen or a little boy behind a door hiding

I want this to be a message, but nobody gives a fuck hiding in their fucking pounds like a duck

Yeah I saw you with that on facebook and as our time expires whirling through corny punch lines

Making it through life with a chip your shoulder, will just add another page in your medical folders

Pills that actually work hook you so later in life you’ll be popping tablets keep stressing a wife on the verge of leaving

I always knew life would be hard like this

When god comes down and its my time to die, I’ll be holding my balls like tupac with a .45

But this is all blubber written between tokes of some lavender

Lots of things on my mind balancing time between each breath, my eyes sharp and my genius will settle the commonwealth, at least I’ve got my hands together hopping what I heard in that dream will come true

Tell me there is success, me and a pretty you, kids who I love so true

Do you feel the rumble beneath the pavement, that’s the doubt, the enslavement




The City Breaks Its PromiseIs in Official Development with Trafford Publishing

The Hopeful Release date by January

Maybe if i found some jesus we might get DECEMBERMuch Love for the Patience, but it’s gonna be GREAT!!!! ❤ ❤

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This Girl

This girl,
Still on my mindMy heart was to heavy with you inside
But now it’s to damn light and i feel like i could glide
Please baby hold me down again

This girl,
Lost in my late night nostalgia
Reviewing old messages of hope
Her skin against mine would make me glow 
I feel just like a kid he just won’t let it go
Because life is to slow without you in it

I’ll fight and never feel complete
I just can’t let it go
This girl is so beautiful within her flow
Life is a puzzle, and i just can’t seem to figure it out


Will we fall beyond the horizon?
Captured a Single Picture of your Eyes
Dancing into a groove
Staring into blue, standing right next to you
Fear is so far away
Holding onto our aspirations beneath the osaka sun
Paris hides a starry night
And as we kept searching we stopped breathing
After we saw each other, we stopped seeing
Seas were within seas, and my pleas became an object to seize
All I did, was breathe in and think about the time that i wasnt alone
And we never drown again upon this rising tide
Because fear is so far away
And time won’t harm us today
As we fall beyond the horizon….Image