The Last Kiss

Im nothing
Wasn’t good enough
I’m to fearful to ever reach forward again
Just to hold your hand
After our love ends the bitterness begins
You hate me because i am to blame
Envious because this life for you is just a game
I would have never said those three words to you
But back when i was drowning in high tide i was clueless
Lost in sea
Because you and me were never meant to be

Wondrous Night

Oh when you set me free
All I could do was dance to the tune of a new world 
It sounds so good to be in a world so free
Some place where i can reminisce about all the beauty that i did see
Life is just a bizarre portrait that i’m ready to paint 
Stress has been killing me 
All i want to do is dance with you girl 
Long into a wondrous night 

If She Ever Came Back to Me…

And if she ever came back to me, the moon would be so bright that I could live through the nights

The light, would guide me on an open path, and each challenge wouldn’t need my fucking wrath

I’d feel, all the emotions again that used to crawl through my skin

My fears, nothing but idol signs and I could spend my time writing some rhymes

And Life, wouldn’t be so hard I could worry about going instead of keeping my mind on when I’d depart
The start, would be so far from the end, and the pain would break not just bend

And if she ever came back to me through the fog I could see, so far into a hopeless fight, so many bright lights

The love, not a word I’m supposed to say but these poems are made in an honest way

The kiss, is better than anything I think after I could even sing
Her eyes, are so beautiful and there’s nothing more to say

Her face, is so fucking cute, when I look at it I go simply mute

The end, wouldn’t begin and I’d have time to wash away every sin


And if she came back to me I’d finally feel free, from the shackles that hold me back from glee

The agony, of being so far away, I think about her every second of every day

The tears, they stroll down so long, she told me not to love her so I feel I’m doing something wrong

The songs, so many that I wrote, they weigh so heavy they could sink my boat

The wish, is that maybe one day something could change and maybe our lives we could rearrange

But if she came back, I’d be the happiest, but as long as she is happy I’ll stay where I stand

Love and Other Stuff

The tide will always reach the shore, you are the sea within a sea

Perfect ten times four, the inspiration of poems and folklore

I love you, so much for self reservations

It eats your heart to quickly, hold me close for sedation

I consumed more then I could chew

Roses may be red, violets might be blue but no flower will ever…ever…be as beautiful as you

We can float down this stream past the kings and queens, and you might be the most beautiful princess I ever did see

I love when you stare at me

My heart is a political prisoner of your social tyranny

The waves are calm, and so are your eyes

I want to hold on close, and reinforce all ties

I want to make this happen, so let’s do it right


You are a sea within a sea, the epitome of belief laced with serendipity

I hold you close; I can hear your heart speak to me

I will hold on through trial, tribulation, never defeat

I hide beneath the shadow watching the storm

The streets of dreams and diamonds is our destination, journey through the light just to meet your eyes

The scrambling sky far beyond the limits of a night

And yet I fight,

For your love and beauty

The shining glare of the sun, with you I have no fear

I constructed an element my dear

The sea within the girl, the beauty within the pearl you swirl and it seperates the clouds

I have this poem for the sky to read aloud

A blue sky that delays the vicious lie that nobody is perfect

I’m sure you are the perfect example, the perfect sample

The Perfect girl, the rose in the night

I was crawling on all fours with metaphors until I found your definition

We marched through the water, our hearts beating together

Lets Listen?

Words of Wisdom replaced by thoughts of kissing, peace is a goal but my heart is floating through the waves of the title

Lovely Lady

Lovely Lady
I ghost wrote in solitude, between the lines of the cruel melody, to simplify all the strange sounds and the compassion that some assholes lack. You are my Lovely Lady i bought the sun and stars together, but it wasnt brighter then your smile, im in love but i held in emotions as I drowned in the river of denile.

My lovely lady, my crown jewel, my everlasting baby. When i uttered your name, my heart floated with the birds and the bees in harmony. There are foreign languages, road blocks, if there are predators, Im the fox. The past is whirlwind that decimates us so fast, and i cry, then im struck with the revelation that in you i can rely.

I held her hand, this lovely girl, i had searched high and low, now there is a future to sew, I found a pearl. A sweet reminder that there is love in the world. Ill never lose you, so hold my hand, when fear commands the end, hold my hand, as tribulation gives a demand, hold my hand. Ill hold so tight, your lovely hand in mine, to take you away would be a hell of a fight

Lovely Lady, this beautiful young lady has the strength to bring light upon the shady. I cried when i wrote this ode, to a crystal ball, the future, a blooming flower, Seconds turn into hours.


Our Love

And with you I want to fall, beyond the horizons

            With our eyesight still in tact

And if they ever make you cry, I will whisk the dears away

Sleeping on the clouds but I’m never not with you

And when our lips lock it’s heaven

Nothing becomes between, not even the feather from the birth of space

That day when the sky seperated for you and me,

I saw you standing there

With smile, oh I love you dear

I’ve lost some friends, I had my friends when we were boys and girls

But you were the heart that pumped when mine couldn’t

Your beautiful like when the skies transcend the moon

When you turn around to me, I couldn’t ever be alone, not within heart

We can the shred of truelove, that will grow so old and love so long

            And when you first came into my life, I was not the same man the next night

            When you held me deeply, I could’ve harmonized through flight

            The syllables I sung to you, came from a touch or a kiss

And if I have to fight, I will not until the night is your victory

If I ever have to swim I’ll dive far deep

The idle psalms of sunrise, lies against my cheek

In Love, if I ever did fall any deeper, I just wouldn’t even land

I’d trade one life time to hold my hand with you

Is it true, the first day we kissed, you laughed and turned the lights off and made a wish

Is it true, that when I held in the sand, I granted your wish

If we fell through the depths of hell I would hold you dear

If night tries to keep you, I’ll make it the light day

And when you held me so close while there pattered soft drops of rain

When you rubbed away my fears and cured my little pain

Was it real?
And our first night, was all that a dream, or was it just you and me

So when the nights were burning sincere, we had no fear

We had no care, I was your prince, you were my love

So don’t ever get close from me


Sometimes I walk with you and I hold your hand, I realize, that when we die, we will always be together

When your skins pressed against mine, I swim in a lake of euphoria

When we would disagree, I couldn’t get my mind of you, and you couldn’t stop thinking me

One day when we stand at the top of the world, I’ll kiss you there and say