It’s to disregard all the nonsense because I realized I’m actually on this

Not on one, on two or way more than a few

Cooking up concoctions like stew and I’d blow you away right out of the blue

Don’t believe in yourself when I’m around

Don’t make a sound because I’m enjoying the silence

Depeche Mode getting violent and ripping apart the streets looking for consignment

Ripping apart my heart, staying non existent and insane because I can’t mind it




Images of a broken home splattered in my memory

Thoughts of changing myself plague my entity

Tired, with no more energy

Fed up with no shoulder to cry on

My self-worth desecrated like the love of those who have gone

Left me abandoned, can’t even speak to tell you what I’m planning

Can’t make out the words, can’t understand the future

Feeling blue, still fucking thinking about you

Damn you worthless woman stuck in my head

Damn your beautiful, please just wish me dead