Layne Staley is probably one of the coolest frontmen ever. A sensitive yet tortured figure of the 90s. His band Alice in Chains, created murky Grunge/Alternative Metal that touched the hearts of millions not only in the United States but to places like Brasil. I watched Alice in Chains perform in Brasil and it was crazy!
Would? is one of Alice in Chains most successful songs. The video became instant classic with the level of coolness in that room and of course that shirt! Enjoy “Would?” and experience the deep lyricism of one of Alternative Rock’s Gods.

Song of the Day 9/11/2013 “Terrible Things” by Mayday Parade

What comes into your head when someone says Emo, Screamo or Punk? Loud, abrasive and screamed songs. MayDay parade aren’t exactly screamo, but they are as Emo as it comes. Emo music has never been as elegant as “Terrible Things”
“Terrible Things” is about a love story, between two people who grow old. Its about true love just as much as Michael Heneke’s “Amour” was. Terrible Things is a beautiful ballad which is sad enough to bring you to tears.
Even if you aren’t a fan of emo, punk, or even alternative rock, you’ll be surprised at the majestic, vintage feel to Terrible Things. It sounds like something Elton John would write, and its truly impressive.

Song of the Day 9/5/2013 “Tonight Matthew” by Million Dead

Many know who Frank Turner is, the Folk-Punk phenomenon has taken the world by storm. Before he was Frank Turner of Punk/Metal Giants Epitaph Records, he was Frank Turner of Million Dead.
Million Dead were a very short lived Post-Hardcore/ Art Punk/ Hardcore Punk band that released some quality songs that still aren’t available on American Itunes! But check out their discography especially if you like Frank Turner, and don’t let the “Hardcore” scare you off. The music is very very lyrical and the vocals at times sound like he is singing poetry. It’s a great band and “Tonight Matthew” is song of the day because quite frankly its my favorite song from the quartet.
“Tonight Matthew” sounds like artsy hardcore poetry, if there is such a thing. It’s brilliant, tasteful and catchy. Million Dead had poor relatioships within the band and Frank Turner can be quoted as saying that while touring they pretty much hated each other. To bad, because Million Dead made some quality tracks. The band only lasted a couple years and Frank Turner moved on to his far more prolific career as a alternative singer songwriting god. LONG LIVE FRANK TURNER!

Song of the Day 8/31/2013

I’m sorry, its the song of the day for the second time! “I’m holding onto the joy of desire” as Harry McVeigh sings in the lead single to the White Lies highly anticipated new album Big TV.
I think that more people have to hear this song and please comment below what you think, because this song is bloody brilliant. It’s really that good, its Goth Disco, Post Punk Dance, Alternative Rock Heaven.
Check it out, and it’s amazing video inspired by a Bollywood Film! WOOT

Song of the Day 8/29/2013 (SORRY A LITTLE LATE)

(Freestyling over one of the most coveted beats of all time is no small task. The bigger challenge is sounding good, Big L did it and it’s arguable that Jadakiss did as well. But K.Dot did it the best, back when he was known as K.Dot. And it’s only fitting that I have a Kendrick Lamar song in my songs of the day, the man has revitalized rap and spearheaded the new Golden Age. Now it’s not as good as the other one, we don’t have the same quality rappers that we had then. But there is some serious young talent out there, and during a time when nobody was challenging anyone else, Kendrick Lamar dissed the shit out of America’s most beloved city. The saddest part is the dismal responses that were returned to Mr. K.Dot. New York should be fucking ashamed of itself, or at least the rappers should be. But I wouldn’t advise Kendrick Lamar to come to New York anytime soon. Anyway, the Who Shot Ya freestyle is absolutely brilliant. Featuring clever worldplay, metaphors and Kendrick gets deep into the actual song by making it his own. Bravo to you sir!)

Song of the Day 8/28/2013 “The Bottle”

Gil Scott Heron’s Soulful Disco/Ballad that tells the story of those in the black community trapped by the clutches of alcoholism. Gil Scott Heron easily weaves together a very soulful and danceable track that blew up when my mother was dancing in clubs.
Gil Scott Heron, or otherwise known as the Godfather of Rap, is a man with a Ph.D in the Blues and in Soul. One of the greatest in his position and one of the very bet ever. Gil Scott Heron himself was riddled “In the Bottle” as well as in a crack pipe. It was devestating to see the abuse that he inflicted on himself with drug use. But the genius that was Gil Scott Heron, wasn’t absolutely defeated by the drugs and liquor. Before he died he did release one last brilliant album, but check out Jamie xx’s remix that became a classic instantly. Gil Scott Heron had been making people think and dance for years, and his charm and brilliance was infused into modern era dance music. Nothing compares to his last album, it was funky and perfect for a dance in some posh club in the meatpacking district. It crossedover and gained recognition from a large audience.
The Bottle is a fine example of Gil Scott Heron’s genius, listen if you are a fan of RnB, Blues, Soul, or even rock and hip hop. Youll find a danceable yet sad song that highlights the social issues that are faced in the ghetto. Great song and highly deserving of the song of the day!)

Song of the Day 8/27/2013

Kanye West’s dream soaked hip hop ballad from his widely popular and award winning masterpiece Graduation, gives us a glimpse of West’s undeniable genius. Not only is he a superior producer, but he also never fails as a artist. And this was when Kanye West was focusing less on shocking audiences and more on the more technical side of hip hop. While this is by no means his best song it highlights the reaosn why such a large audience loves him. This song is about dreaming and the sweet feeling of success, something that West has felt in excess.
I can remember listening to this song when i was younger and when things were far more difficult in life. During “I Wonder” Wesst does a superb job in bringing in the audience and not allowing them to leave, not by force but just by the sheer depth of this wonderful song. The Synth and the lyrics mak you feel like if you tried hard enough, then your dreams might just be within grasp. Now we find Kanye West making songs with less and less emotional connection which has gained some fans and lost others. This song is for fans of good music (Not the Label XD) but music that is good, you dont have to be a fan of rap music to purely enjoy this gem

Song of the Day 8/27/2013

Enjoy the Folk Punk vibes of Frank Turner, Solo artist who used to be in Hardcore Band Million Dead. Frank Turner hails from England but you probably would figure that out if you listened to even one of his songs. He is expressive about his emotions, his country and love without losing the alternative rock/punk vibe that makes him so likeable. I had the chance to go see him with my friend Nick but sadly i decided to go and see Nine Inch Nails instead (Tickets run at $180 Each. NEW YORK NEW YORK BABY!)
Something tells me that both shows will be brilliant, as Frank Turner has created song that the audience can sing along to as if they are in the pub sipping on a brew and shouting along to an old classic. The songs have a classic vibe to them, even his new album features some gems that feel like they have been sung for the last 100 years. Frank Turner is a true artist, and to share his magic with others is truly a gift.

Song of the Day- Friday 8/16/2013

 “Road to the Riches”

By: Kool G Rap

Album: Road to the Riches

            Armed with one of the most infectious Boom Bap beats of all time and featuring one of the greatest MCs of all time, Road to the Riches is one of the tracks at the pinnacle of the Golden Age of Hip Hop. We are attacked viciously by radio stations polluting the world with music that somehow passes as hip hop. The Term Real Hip Hop is plastered within the veins of this classic and I think that if more youth listened to artists like Rakim, Kool G Rap and other Golden Age MCs they’d understand more about a genre that has been falsely represented by rappers these days. Laced with Misogyny, graphic sexual content and anthems about cars, mainstream rap has transformed into a complete mockery and quite frankly a minstrel show.

            Back in the days when Kool G Rap was rapping, Hip Hop was about what was going on in the ghettos, on the streets and in the black communities. These were days when rap wasn’t a billion dollar industry, before Eminem, Lil Wayne and even Tupac and Biggie. All of the various Subgenres of hip hop didn’t exist either, but “Road to The Riches” was the beginning for East Coast Hardcore Hip Hop, Mafioso Rap and Gangsta Rap. Featuring even battle rhymes, the entire album was a furious statement.

            The song “Road To The Riches” is a relentless lyrical assault, where Kool G Rap doesn’t exactly rap as fast as he would in the future, but his verses are compacted with a tale from the street. The song is about a hustler trying to make it with a normal life with a job, until he decides that he could make faster and easier money on the streets. He also hopes he can one day get paid for his rhymes on stage.

From the classic novelty beat to the storytelling ability that Kool G Rap has, this is Hip Hop at it’s very best. Check out the song if a fan of real hip hop, hip hop in general, the golden age or if you are just looking for a great solid gold oldie.