Netflix Movie Recommendation! (Chaser)


What a good movie this is, it is a masterpiece that you could only expect from South Korea’s revolutionary filmmakers. They blend comedy, violence, trills, more violence and even more comedy. They are just great Crime Thrillers, genre bending masterpieces. Chaser is no exception. It’s a film that takes a little patience, but once you start up there is so much going on. So much entertainment from our Hero, a cop turned pimp and the supporting cast. A Murderer is on the loose killing prostitutes, and the investigation begins from the cops as well as the police.
The pimp is a sarcastic, weary soul who is as street smart as they come. He ultimately catches up with the perpetrator and starts a deadly and fast paced game of cat and mouse.
Its a very good movie, puts american action films to shame. It’s violent as all hell, but its ok because its not unnecessary. Its just a great movie, very entertaining and one of the best movies that Netflix has to offer!