Onierology, you never were my best friend, i believe in dreams to defend, in philosophy to comprehend and years ago i dreamt of the end, some people say my main character is my identical twin who genetics that revolutionize next to kin

I say you are an OK computer, far before the Bends, Fuck Pablo Honey, I desire blood stained money, egyptian cotten and a means to beginAs i sway, my feelings depart, this is my head and this is my little heart, my endeavor is a machine so warm it up before we start

This is skyscrapers in the Horizon, a wandering mind beside ballons captivating our eyesIm elated every night because I’ve got stars in my sight and,A future that never liedTokyo gaze as I fight the tide in which so many have died

Its the time of the night, when i feel alternative dance in my veins, blood pumps past the obstacles in my brain as I marvel at all the adversity ive already slain, then its that time of the day when im next to my love and i realize i have everything to lose and nothing to gain

The bitter taste of desperation in my mouth, drives me insane

Speeding through the wrong land with her heart to steal

Waiting until i get the Electric Feel

Stargazer in the basement, like post mortem slides in descent

Her head beside my ugly snout, heartbeating together and I Shout!

I just figured life Out

So speak your clout, ive got credentials like a disco sensation or a victory speech with no indentations, Sly & the Family Stone raised me beside urban poetry in my Thompson Home, Im a good sport so i throw these motherfuckers two and a half bones

I remembered my face covered in blood everyday except halloween, I wasnt going to be a demographic, you can see and hear what im saying, but do you have any idea of what i mean?

I wouldnt settle for one scene, I wasnt destined to be an average angst ridden teen or a fiend

Thought about taking my life, die before seeing Keane…Never

And im an Author, its true, I promise not to take my life if the sky isnt always blue

All of Your love, i couldnt sever

Through my work, i will Live forever