Song of the Day 9/8/2013 “Something Good Can Work” by Two Door Cinema Club


Personally i think this is the much better version of a amazing song. Two Door Cinema Club blasted off on the scene, and when i heard their songs they weren’t to big. Something happened and now they are headlining tours and are even on MTV
I’ll admit i never was a fan of their second album and i think it might be only downhill from here. TDCC have definitely had their taste of fame and their second album sounds like it. But luckily “Something Good Can Work” is on the first album, which is a pure classic for modern alternative rock. What an album and Something Can Good Work might be the best song among a group of very good tracks. “I Can Talk” “What You KNow” Undercover Maryten” and “This is the Life” are some very big highlights.
Something Good Can Work is for fans of indie rock, alternative and even punk. Shit, it sounds great and has a quality that makes it seem like an post punk guitar assault. Hit It Up!