The Solemn War


Hello little babe

You’re the type the keeps the blood pumping
Smile one more time
You really are something

Loving from afar

Influence from the outside
Can’t you tell

That she can’t decide

It’s getting warmer out

Seen more short sleeves and boats
I don’t mean to pout

But I lost all reason to boast


The sky is bright
Defeat is glowing

I hate uncertainty

I want to know where I’m going

Tiny (Poem)

I think you’ve got the big picture

I’ve got no real future

This is a house of cards and a world of whores

I lost myself before I could begin and its killing me 

I’ve been trying to find my way uptown but I realized Life is a sadistic game, nothing more

I became part of a statistic, as society cleaned up the mess of the boy who went ballistic

Wrap your arms around me, this is an open relationship

And we live under the sun

And below the blue moon 

But we can’t run yet

What do we live for when our lives come crumbling down

Subliminal pleasure and deafening sounds

But you’ve got the picture, I’ve got no future

When she knocked me over, I restarted my verse

 She sprouted chauvinistic 

So what do I say first? 

I love you please so adopt my emotions and help me fight the curse

 To be Alive, to Scream 

I don’t want to lose myself twice so take me to the enemy so demise can end tragically 

I lived my life, emphatically

Where you in the glee inside my hearse

Your lashing was the worse I was satisfied but focused on being better than everyone else, wanting to discover the distance between you and me

Patiently waiting for this to be a joke because my life was being lived inside you.

I’m Gone (Poetry)

Nothing was the same since i’ve gone insane 
My life has been a ray of conspiracies, the morgue is protecting me 
I fell through the cracks, I’ve stacked up some racks 
Poor pity on the top of the product
I haven’t been accused by authority, but i was accused by you
You are nobody, there is a ray of sunlight but i ignore it
You don’t know the facts, but they are hidden in the back pocket of my slacks
I struggle and i cry, i look at the mountains in the background and i pray to nature
So Fuck this shit and let me go in with the self righteous tragedies 
Please, let me plead because i’ve pled 
Let me ascend because i’ve bled
Drops on a stained glass floor and now I’ve fled 

General Divide

Where is my Life? Where is the Light? It’s the acts of children that deride the mind

Every loss and mistake I try to retrace is perpetuated by the lack of design

I replaced all the glass when I realized hope had returned in rivalry Nothing is so precious or vulgar, as my innocence every loss and mistake, I try to retrace has brought me back to the mirror Where is the light? I want to see clearer tonight where is the Light? It’s the pressure of a lifetime that allows me to sleep I regret, all the dissidence that clouds my regrets It’s the act of violence that we refuse to realize Teenage Minacity swarmed in complicity Life hangs in the balance, and I’m searching in silence My response is in violence

The pain is far too intimate, and its act of children that helps us be careless alone

I accepted all the failures as the kings confessed destroying my kingdom and leaving me in absence It’s the silence of children that choose what is right It’s a shadow of light, a piece of plight that is passion for our failures now

God discuss your faith, we are not here for life but to erase This is a chase for the lack of sympathy The emotions that are missing from my listing, I set fire to empathy And watch my friends burn under the light Every loss and mistake is clouded by my judgment Where is the Light? It’s the loss of childhood that leaves us alone The Light? It’s the forgotten children that poise me for my disaster Can you find my Life? I am so Alone

I am set in strife, the friction is my detention

My dissension is to soon, I know I’m going to die

Where is the light? I miss the jubilant sights

It’s the acts of children that conflict our lives


Synopsis of my First Book!

Welcome to Hunts Point, New York City. They called it the Point, a small neighborhood in the South Bronx. Known for its red lights district, violence and poverty, Hunt’s Point is a tough place to survive.

Spiro Tobick and his sister Sephrina were born during the crack epidemic to two homeless addicts. Eventually addiction took its toll on them and after their parents disappeared Spiro was forced to take responsibility before he was even thirteen.

The streets were no match for Spiro’s desire and ambitions to allow his sister to be as comfortable as possible. He sold candy on the subway, stole from stores and sold weed during the day and then cleaned up chop shops, ran errands for prostitutes and worked in trap houses at night.

Spiro did all he could to protect his sister, but eventually they were caught and sent through Foster Care. After years of being tortured by their Foster Father and ravaged by the system their cries are heard and their Uncle adopts them.

Ten years later, tension reaches its peak in the relationship between Spiro and Sephrina and she departs on a Heroin binge. Worried sick, Spiro accepts a deadly task from his Uncle who is the boss of Hunts Point’s major crime syndicate. Spiro realizes this would advance his request to get a job in Manhattan away from Hunts Point. Spiro tries aimlessly to get away but the past wouldn’t let him go.

With a heart simmering with guilt and memories of a painful past, Spiro searches for answers and his sister, finding so much more in the process. With so much to lose, will Spiro balance his life without losing himself? Will he fall to deep in the process? Or will Sephrina become yet another victim of the promises of the city?

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12 Hour Shift on Christmas


I’ve bent but won’t break for goodness sake, just chilling on a stake with my middle finger up covered with chocolate cake 
I couldn’t see myself falling to be honest, but it’s true that during extreme violence i still got what’s good

Gun to my head and it’s not even lyrical, the gunman looking hysterical as i grabbed the gun from him to show him how to do it correctly 
I’m evil, the other day i was possessed by money and now i’m just going on ahead 
I didn’t shoot myself dead i brought myself alive
I know you don’t think i can thrive, that i’m just a monster

I’ve had a future on a few occasions and I’ve forgotten thoughts that are better then what you publish
I’ve become arrogant but it’s all a class act, class clown fuck around and i’ll put you like Sasha Grey, Space Bound

I’m sorry but you can’t ball at this level especially since your so settled
Changing speeds at an honest rate through modern poetry, while banging my head to metal

You have to be at least a little demented to do this, at this level? Yeah