The Solemn War


Hello little babe

You’re the type the keeps the blood pumping
Smile one more time
You really are something

Loving from afar

Influence from the outside
Can’t you tell

That she can’t decide

It’s getting warmer out

Seen more short sleeves and boats
I don’t mean to pout

But I lost all reason to boast


The sky is bright
Defeat is glowing

I hate uncertainty

I want to know where I’m going

Take a Minute (The Poem)


The solemn aggression and pain of lonely nights, the darkness and disputes shine upon city lights


I sway in the wind as the feeling of doom creeps in despite all the advantages of a perpetuating preconceived desires and barren roads that seem to never end


They say I’m kidding but it’s a fact, it’s a stereotype of the prejudice that’s built to react


My past influences the way I act


The messages from society shield wondrous dreams, and I’m beginning to waste away it seems, and if you don’t help me now ill fade away in the misery Day in Day out




Misery finds a home it always does, a problem evolves from me to us, and if looks could kill I’d bury your trust


I’d always had my heart in hand, I always said if the tide rose I’d stand, maybe I’m just not god’s man


As times passes so quick, in motion my life makes me sick, and you remind me of all the things that were ever said by knowing me when my face was plastered red


Controlling each impulse and feeling with empty meds, and the tribulation of being hungry and having yet to be fed no, because sometimes I feel like I’m going to just drop dead


It’s the nights I loathe and the daylight I dread, I’m wasting away in bed, the feeling is beginning to spread and I’m fading, I’m fading Day In, Day Out, Day In, Day Out




Smash the window resulting in bloody knees, disgusting fiends waiting for the itch to cease


The moments of day when I struggle to breath, delaying celebrations because I’m trying to prove to myself that I still even believe


And, I remember so clearly the days I slit my wrist, I remember so clearly all the risks I took to exist


To abort an idea and watch it wheeze, set fire to the world, hopes and bars


My mind is becoming an exhibition that transcends dimensions for tradition, just so I can have faster cars, sometimes I think there is a moon man and I’m living on mars


And no I’m not gonna shot for the stars again, fall from the sky and die breathing in air I used to rely in


Day in, Day Out, the reality never speaks it shouts, Day in, Day Out, Day In Out, but I don’t want to fade away, I don’t want to leave this world today


There is a memory so stand still, Take a Minute prior to pulling the trigger because now I’ve got a view to a kill


I was promised good things that end, and I always knew they would


I tried to conquer this world, and even as I falter I know I still could


So many perfect shapes, how do I compete? Truth is what you perceive but depending on how much you believe will raise the limits on all that you receive.


I’m looking at the quiet sky again, and I’m looking at a close up of the past on New Year’s Eve, the silence holds aggression that builds belief, like blasphemy and grace creating a new me yeah


Day creeps and night tends, I’ve got the devil inside yet I ascend, and I blend animosity like it’s a trend, nutrition for a theory fueling hypocrisy, with hate so far the eye can’t see


And it’s the times of the night that remind, that if it wasn’t for the hate I couldn’t be me, the evil entity




Have you been able to pontificate about dark days and bright nights that we’ve got, making magic out of the illusions of the people in which we are not


I can’t think straight, the pain must stop, because if I stay to off balance I’ll drop These are the days when a father is needed by his son


I need someone to pick up the pieces instead of turning around to run, I need a clearer vision of the sun, because some days I feel like a big mistake, and then others like the chosen one, these are the days when I’m reminded how I was born by the knife and will live by a gun


This teenage minacity is less innocent then a stroll on the city, or the brutality of the town without pity, revenge and repent, tragedy of the years of doves and mud, and the present terror of the past blood


Stuck in my mind, its Day in Day out, stuck in design, the fear, the terror I can’t speak much clearer


Because the chills become sincerer, its Day in Day Out, the place more lights to shine on my drought


I don’t want to drown or burn away, I want to rise above and howl what I’ve got to say, without delay I want all of hell to pay before I fade away. It’s the glimpse of hope, misery of gleams, Day In Day Out its not what it seems 

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Y’all Gon Love This (Poem)

Y’all Gone love This

Like the stains of time deeply rooted in the back of my mind
Wondrous by design, with something that is bigger then all of mankind
A thought, love like a burning pendulum on Olympic Mountain
The Fountain of youth draining my ambitions, I feel like I’m thirty with two fingers in the air like I just don’t care
And maybe I don’t
Grassroots on my grounds like pebbles
Enough syllables in the rhymes to leave the distance disheveled
And the pain is heavy weighing down on a heavy weight
Watch me on Facebook as I drink, smoke and fornicate
Looking like Norman Bates on a Roman Holiday
I could spot you from a mile away
Drinking your cherry wine you fucking Punk
I don’t listen I get pissed and, start to raise hell like when I learned my A B Cs
Looking out for DDs, bricks and a couple of keys
Settling for tight denim on my ashy knees and nobody collecting my pee
Haven’t danced in the dark in awhile but I count the legs on the centipede
Almost impeded the groove no can’t have that
NOT until the End
not until the END 

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