We Saw Land

I want my financial situation to be perpendicular to the past tense, because in the present, I’m evolving in my own United Kingdom, so I’ll pay debts in pence.


I’m alone in sinister endeavor, I turned back a clock with a cheap shot, the novice was stricken with rigor mortis tied up in the parking lot. People talk a lot of shit, my vocabulary wasn’t supposed to develop, the dog eating you alive is called a bullpit, I flip forward what it accepted among these regions,  fuse together the poetics with cohesion


I realized why I was staring at a supernova, that the sky is clear, and I’m a loner. If I don’t get to shoot myself first, Ill shoot for the stars


When get there, successful enough to sustain my greed, I climbed a hill, awaiting trial for kleptomania, I take what I want. But will I be thrust into a ecosystem where morals and happiness is replaced by cocktail dresses, intoxicating perfume and a flashy bar?


Do I still have time to settle down in Mars?


My rise is perspicuous, I’m sick to the death, and my venture is far from innocuous, I have the passion to turn doubts into a dehydrated pile of piss




I see Land, Another City, Another Story, more sorrow, but the streets wont be apologetic, so how can we be sorry? I possess poetry that is musically inclined, I write the perfect notes with rhythmic sickness, hide your piss because the harmony has criminal sickness


A Book that moves like a symphony, I can finally drown out the spectral chants across the avenue my definition of poetic mathematics is minus the attitude, we divided into a team so our influence would multiply, when faced with failure id rather die, then listen to howling of my own weak cry. I know now I’m strong enough to fight this tide. Everyday,


Everyday, I fight the tide that for so long I chose to ride, drowning in unholy water just as the fog was coming. I just want to be everything I can be, and not a bod rotting under the sea




We saw Land, so we talked the talk, and then walked like a motherfucker. I got jumped by the candy shop suckers, because we ordered caviar and Mountain dew, while you feast on insecurity, smuckers and Beef stew. Decimate, debilitate those weak crews.


My ambition was stomped on, it perpetuated  my fears, now have their motherfucking name in my swears. Four letters, is the exclamation that’s so much better, people are cold in this world so I put on my new sweater.


When my resistance is dead, I lose sight of land, the shake and twitch engulf my hand. I wanted to triumphantly blow in the wind, a fan was all I could get, but if its my best bet ill go all in, you’ll know I’m high class when I conclude my book with FIN


We Saw Land...