Halo (Poem)

The pain never ceases to inspire
Standing alone on the corner in the rain

Crying on the corner overshadowed by pain

Ideas to erase the horizon
Distant flashing lights in the pitch black
Hold my hand and maybe we can get through
Or we could sit back and I could blindly make pretty pictures of you

See my destination in the night
Floating along the shadows
Dreams stay firmly sewn into the black and white
Will your heart stay rooted to your endeavors
Or will it just lead to another fight?

It’s the nights when I didn’t know
That inspire me today
It’s the lights that I haven’t seen
That make me see this way
It’s waking up in flames with hope in the corner of your eyes
It’s holding her and knowing that she lied
It’s a wholesome grin as the apocalypse begins
Lyrics in the smoke
Nasty jokes

Fast cars
That there will be a day when the love will outweigh the hate

One day I will be among the stars that you can debate

I’ll be waiting for fate with a gun

With the clearest view of the sun


Synopsis (The City Breaks its Promise)


Welcome to Hunts Point, New York City. They called it the Point, a small neighborhood in the South Bronx. Known for its red lights district, violence and poverty, Hunt’s Point is a tough place to survive. 
Spiro Tobick and his sister Sephrina were born during the crack epidemic to two homeless addicts. Eventually addiction took its toll on them and after their parents disappeared Spiro was forced to take responsibility before he was even thirteen. 
The streets were no match for Spiro’s desire and ambitions to allow his sister to be as comfortable as possible. He sold candy on the subway, stole from stores and sold weed during the day and then cleaned up chop shops, ran errands for prostitutes and worked in trap houses at night. 
Spiro did all he could to protect his sister, but eventually they were caught and sent through Foster Care. After years of being tortured by their Foster Father and ravaged by the system their cries are heard and their Uncle adopts them. 
Ten years later, tension reaches its peak in the relationship between Spiro and Sephrina and she departs on a Heroin binge. Worried sick, Spiro accepts a deadly task from his Uncle who is the boss of Hunts Point’s major crime syndicate. Spiro realizes this would advance his request to get a job in Manhattan away from Hunts Point. Spiro tries aimlessly to get away but the past wouldn’t let him go. 
With a heart simmering with guilt and memories of a painful past, Spiro searches for answers and his sister, finding so much more in the process. With so much to lose, will Spiro balance his life without losing himself? Will he fall to deep in the process? Or will Sephrina become yet another victim of the promises of the city?

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-Bernice Rodriguez-Colon 

Fake Empire

These little words always kept me sane, i knew id get hit but i still changed the lane

This cursive is so difficult, nearly impossible to see. Babygirl, what do you want me to be

I live in a fake empire, burnt so much but i still play with fire
I wanted to leave the state, but i left the keys near my fate
Im struggling to just live, i need someone to know ive got love to give

Civilizations built upon faith and love, they never knew there was a storm up above. i write a prologue everyday to tear myself apart, so people can realize a end has a start. When my mom was so sick, i had love to send. i didnt know that night it was from myself i had to defend

Self reflection, early detection, and my soul’s poetic dissection is my only protection. God forgive me for all my sins, i wish my dignity wasnt in that bin. you cant help me now, the Fake Empire wont allow. if you love me ill write a symphony, your heart would beat with mine in synchrony. the moon would be subject to larceny, to brighten your dark day. i want to make it so im never your enemy, just a lonely epiphany.

Tonight, ill retire to my Fake Empire. My body wont move, but my heart can still conspire to reveal this fortress as hellfire. My hope is the only liar. The pain, trauma, hate and emptiness had inspired me to ignore lovelorn gunfire. ill climb this Fake Empire, just to stand on the edge of the slippery spire

Teeming (Poem)


DBT, EBT, Fast Money and Drugs
No Sex, death and some bugs

I’ve been to the fields and I’ve dug

For an answer to the question of life

Inside thoughts, dementia and clutch plays
Oh girl I could stare at you for days
Some people look for five figures, I’d settle for at least six
Because in America if you aren’t making money you are a jerk off
People are programmed to be normal
So pull down your pants and cough
Years of waiting makes some soft but I’m just working to get that French Loft

My inspiration used to kill my liver

A young boy imagining being dead in a river

But that imagination is what kept me going
And that’s what keeps the words flowing
Dreaming of flying first class on a Boeing to England
All work and no play will make Anthony a rich man
And after all the hell I put my mother through

I hope one day I can make her skies blue 

Isolate (Poem)

I’m detatched from mankind
There is a eclipse in the back of my mind

There is deception in the worlds design
I’m more into living
But death will come
Serenity in my self preservation
Light has touched your perfection
Cursing like anything else

Maybe you are all better then me
I’m ashamed of the things I’ve been put through

I isolate on lonely nights starting a fire on the first
Wayward distraction takes away from the magnificence of the prize

The truth, lightens the impact of your lies
And when you heard her cry what did you do?
Did you rescue the idea that one day this could be real

And one day once more, I could feel

It’s a Shame

It’s a Shame

When you bring me back those results, I can barely breathe
Ready to be deceived, eaten up by your efforts

Break me up, break me up in hell
And you thought you knew me back when
I was a little kid

I was one of your own, and this is your win
This is your celebration so let me drag it to the ground

I would suck all the blood from each one of you
When the drop of a dime
And you thought you knew me
When I was lying there bleed
You thought your reputation could withstand
My adolescent needs

It’s a shame that it has come to this
That after all the blood, the tears and the piss

It all has come down to this
This is the end of the road
The final days of what should have been a eternity

Well you thought you knew me
When I wasn’t a savage on the loose

Now days I’m writing right next to the noose

The recluse, working on the next great American book
Working on a few clever hooks (No you don’t!)
Maybe the days will be over soon

And I can fucking calm down
As my heart pounds and my hands sweat with something to prove
You thought you knew me when I didn’t have everything to gain, and nothing to lose


Poor boys, with rich girls 
Long nights with lonely ends 
Texts and sex in college dorms  
Does anybody hear me? 
Does anybody care?

Biting nails, picking skin 
Waiting for the angst to end 
I’m loving getting old, getting off, holding out for something new 

Streetlights and Dark corners
Red Flags and Lost Lives
Bad sex and dusting off souvenirs looking for pills 
Cheap thrills get you by paying bills 
Dead dreams and long calls 
Banging my head on the walls to try and get a reaction 
May god show himself? 

Cults and young adults
Teenage mendacity, long lives with cheap highs 
Lies about how you die 
I want to grow old and fall in love with you 
Its been real nice, but i must go 
I can’t hold out any longer

Does anybody really care?
If i fell to the ground 
Below the surface is a better prophecy and in the light
Are all my faults 
In my mind are heinous thoughts of darkness and the end of what i love