The City Breaks It’s Promise

Hello Friends!
This is the new page of WARMONGER dedicated to spreading some news about my first book! It’ll be coming out January, Paperback and E-Book Formats! I’m so excited about this and i hope that maybe you all will want to buy the book after you read about it. Here is the Page that will always feature the Synopsis and other material to be added.


The City Breaks it’s Promise brings us into a world of Poverty, depression and violence. Hunt’s Point New York, home of the infamous Red Light District. Born and Raised, Spiro takes care of sister Sephrina after they are both left by their addict parents at a crack cocaine hotel. At a very young age Spiro became guardian to his sister, making ends meet each and every day the best he could. After a traumatizing stint at Foster Care, Spiro and Sephrina return to the streets with the help of their criminal Uncle. Spiro, now a completely new person attempts to pick up the pieces while gradually rising as a thug in his Uncle’s Organization.
Our story begins as Spiro is now in his mid twenties living with his sister outside of the Point. They are both far from picking up those pieces they yearned to claim as the past. Conflicts force Sephrina to leave Spiro and go missing. Spiro heads back to the Point after information, balancing his trauma, the violence surrounding him, the pain from the past and all that is left of his hope. Follow Spiro through the inhumane slums of Hunt’s Point, where Spiro finds that you can find the most beautiful things after the most unbearable pain. Prepare yourself for no paradise, because few can last in the Point and to that they laugh.

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