Do or DIE

I teemed with Inspirations, Jr. King created the Team of Leaders. Our words are decidant in wife beaters, while the bar us set so high, these days the monsters half step while the new generation calls in the bets. The captains feel the crunch, the business is out to lunch, our craft was created straight from the roots of the milieu with enough persistance to kill you while staying calm, i leaned over to light my passion ftom the flames of an H-Bomb

The old takes from the new, thats why their verbatim sounds like something we grew. There is nothing redeeming about these youth, they dont need sauce to eat your face, and when the law persists they stay silent with style and grace. This is monoply, we role the dice just to keep going, my ma was robbed in a vicious way. Should I wear a suit and tie, to cover my scars as the ignorance starts to multiply. The misconception is when you do something wrong you die, is that why my race is haunted by Trayvons cry? Or when our dividend falls short again and again, should we riot or discuss the weather with a politician, because i see clouds. Ill look the other way, say yes to my white master and shut the fuck up, because there is no god, just luck

The man on the moon yelled Do or Die, but Im still to sick with skill to listen, ive been over the hill and oh lord im ill, suffering from symptoms of my philosophy, and I still vomit when surrounded by mediocrity. Sing to the Truth, Sing to a cry, because i cant take it anymore. Jr. King’s a savage, but these arent times of war. We celebrate peace, however our insecurities endorsed and advertised, like we are the undesirable beast. Its end of the lies, we can come together and fight. There isnt anything to occupy, but there is light to shine, so lets shine it bright. Its positive over negative, right?

While observing flowers and doves, preach about why we should love, all of each other, Ill be raising these offspring like a mother. Perform open mics in candy shops, with all day suckers, channeling my inner motherfucker, i made a fashion statement with a bulletproof vest, im not the best yet, some people should write Grandin down so they dont forget me before i become a vocabulary vet. Tell my mom’s co-workers to friend me on facebook now, before i become the Day-Grandin farms most valuable cash cow. I growl as I plant seeds into the lands my enslaved brothers once plowed, the pain you once allowed, and now we have latinos running blacks out. I had a vision, to make the smallest incision, and make it grow with a fastidious precision. My grandma told me, boy get off your ass, its time to write. So to her delight, fuck your feelings, ill have your dignity hanging from the ceiling. My grandma sat me down and said Follow your dreams its Do or Die, so i started to cry and i made my limit the sky

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