The Big Fan

You are a ladder to the sun, youre the hero of my lost times
You are an inspiration for each statement, and each rhyme
You make me want to grab your hand and run to transcend dimensions
Your support, your cohort, and your zero
You are so much more then what meets the eye, and what greets the eye is amazing but you are more then my hero
Your number 1 fan, ill catch each bullet i can from lifes gun but what you have to do might knock you down
But ill never let go, we won’t
Call it a coalition that will rise, be by your side and get to look into your beautiful eyes
Leaves fall in autumn, but they grow again, youll never break but you might bend
Theyll never love you like i love you, ive got letters to send
Ill never crash and burn to ash, but id tear through everything i have to show you how much you are worth
You are triumph, beauty, you are first
You are never alone sweetheart
you know more then me Each beautiful end had a horrible start

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