Adolescence (Continued)

We call it adolescence
They call it being free
We don’t know who they are
just what we see

Feeling paradise at sixteen 

Locking lips and sweating hips
On the cusp of pleasure for eternity

Falling in love in math class

Replacing love letters with a bathroom pass

Because we never know who might be getting a piece of ass

Or who looks better then the first?
Or who will be next to look into the mirror to discover they are no longer who they thought
All the wild wonder under the thunder of your dreams

All the hate that consumes you, personified by the pimples on your face

So much regret that they try to mask the taste
Life is changing at an unbelievable pace

And when you can’t hold on you scream and cry, stomp and whine
Like rats in a neverending race, for the new Iphone
Like conscience people, growing under serenity
With life in their hands
Life in Propensity
Teenage Minacity


5 thoughts on “Adolescence (Continued)

    • that’s exactly what i was aiming for with this poem. I’m 19 and just am leaving my teens in twenty days. it’s scary!

      • Haha, full speed ahead! 20’s are great years! You’ll be fine. I didn’t start my blog until I was 23. Now, mind you, this is a dating and relationship blog with nearly 4,000 subscribers. 🙂

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