The Solemn War


Hello little babe

You’re the type the keeps the blood pumping
Smile one more time
You really are something

Loving from afar

Influence from the outside
Can’t you tell

That she can’t decide

It’s getting warmer out

Seen more short sleeves and boats
I don’t mean to pout

But I lost all reason to boast


The sky is bright
Defeat is glowing

I hate uncertainty

I want to know where I’m going

A Bittersweet Morning

This is a poem for when the music slows down

When you have no shoulder to cry on

Your beliefs are nothing but a leaf in the mud
I thought I could trust you, I thought we were blood
There are signs of descent in every other word

You say you love me, but that’s not what I heard
Pain striking me when I’m down
I’ve lost my status
Now I’m simply your clown

There are a thousand songs to write
Only a few that touch your heart

On the way to the almighty light
Kicked the bucket in slow motion

Liquor and Pills, a magic potion
Maybe I don’t know how to love
Partially to blame
But when you find the special girl

Nothing really feels the same
Is this just a fairytale? Or is life supposed to be lived this way?
This is more than a game
There is so much more at play



Here it comes again    

Delay the start,

To carry on through open doors

This must be life

There is something burning at the back of my mind

I just can’t describe

I’m holding out to find light in the sky

Fireballs in the air

As I fly
Belief in the darkness

The fear in what’s not right

Begins to open up

Trying to keep my feelings from coming undone


There is something burning at the pit of my heart

Hope is a dangerous sin

I want to fly but I don’t want to fall

I want my life to begin

I know you can’t love me anymore

I don’t know how to love